Korea 12 Days 11 Nights (Day 4)

Itinerary for the day

  1. Jeju – Mysterious Road
  2. Busan – Ibis Ambassador Hotel
  3. Busan – Gwangalli Beach

Our last few hours in Jeju and we had yet to visit the Mysterious Road. It was supposed to be part of Day 2 itinerary but we lost our way to the Mysterious road. In fact, the in-built GPS brought us to the wrong place. We had a few hours before leaving for Busan at 1PM. With that few hours, we travelled to the Mysterious road following Google Map. If you are heading there from Loveland, turn left upon reaching the T road when exiting Loveland. Travel straight after turning right and you will hit the Mysterious Road.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 4.57.09 pm

Look out for the Mysterious Road signage on your left.  Do prepare a bottle of water if you wanna check out how mysterious the road is. And also, do remember to wear thicker because it’s really cold early in the morning. Anyway, it’s named mysterious road because water flows upwards when you pour water on the slope that appears to be a down slope. We did as it said but it didn’t turn out to be too mysterious to us because…. the water flow downwards. Failed attempt. LOL. We did it a couple of time but it’s still flowing downwards. We gave up.

Photo 8-12-16, 6 51 17 AM

There is a Caffe Bene located right beside the Mysterious road. We decided to settle down at Caffe Bene for breakfast because it was pretty early (8AM) and I doubt many places were opened. Nobody heads there at this hour. So it was only us in the cafe. Ordered 2 breakfast sets and sat there for about an hour before heading back to return the car.

Photo 8-12-16, 8 19 38 AMPhoto 8-12-16, 7 40 34 AMPhoto 8-12-16, 8 11 40 AM

After breakfast, we headed back to Rent-a-car to return the vehicle and took their shuttle bus to the domestic airport. We had about 3 hours before departing. There’s a DROPTOP cafe in the airport and that was where we spent our 2 hours. A cuppa coffee and my phone (for watching Korean Drama), that’s life 🙂

Photo 8-12-16, 9 38 12 AM

We departed Jeju at 1PM local time and arrived Busan at 2PM. It was an hour journey via JEJUair which cost us 21,000KRW (Approx. SGD 26). From Gimhae Airport, we took a their railway to Bujeon station where ibis Ambassador Busan City Center was located. The hotel was right above the railway station. We took the stairs up with our luggages because there wasn’t any elevator available. We did the necessary administrative stuff and finally settled down in the hotel at about 4:30PM. The condition of the hotel was clean and pretty new. However, the size of the room was consider quite small (but sufficient for a couple). View from the hotel was not fantastic but acceptable. In terms of location, it’s central. From Bujeon station, you can actually walk to Seomyeon where there are many shopping places and street food.

Photo 8-12-16, 4 03 15 PMPhoto 8-12-16, 4 03 24 PM

After settling down, we took a short nap before heading out to Gwangalli Beach. Gwangalli Beach (1.4km) is well known for the entire view of Gwangandaegyo bridge that is lighted up during the night time. It’s a romantic place for couples where people normal sit along the beach to admire the view. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can hope in to have a good dinner or warm cup of coffee during winter time.

Photo 8-12-16, 5 52 56 PMPhoto 8-12-16, 5 56 11 PM

I was googling which were the recommended restaurant for pizza along Gwangalli Beach but couldn’t really find one. So we randomly hop in to one known as the Pizza Mall. Apparently, it’s a buffet style and there’s a lot of youngsters dining there. It’s not expensive. Probably less than SGD 20 per pax. For that price, you get free flow of pizza, salad, dessert and drinks. The pizza was not bad. Ok, how wrong can pizza goes? The only thing was the speed of replenishing the pizza was pretty slow. It always ran out of pizza on the plate.

After a filling dinner, we had a long walk along the beach before heading back to the hotel. I like this place because it’s relaxing and quiet. That’s all for Day 4!


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