Korea 12 Days 11 Nights (Day 3)

Itinerary for the day

  1. Marado Island
  2. Hong Sung Bang
  3. UN Cafe&Bar
  4. Jusangjeollidae
  5. Cheonjiyeon fall
  6. Oedolgae
  7. Fried chicken & Beer

Part of the plan for this Jeju trip was to visit an island. Many recommended Udo Island which is located at the Northeast of Seongsan-ri, 15 minutes away from Jeju Island by Ferry. But I chance upon another island, the Marado Island located at the south of Jeju island. By distance, it’s equivalent to Udo island. Marado island is not as popular as Udo island and it is smaller. There is no need to spend the entire day because you can cover it in 1.5 hours. Pretty small. I don’t fancy crowded places. Hence, I chose Marado over Udo.

There are 2 ports that have ferry available to Marado: Moselupo and Sanisoodong ports. We drove to Moselupo port and took a ferry to Marado. Prior to the travel, I went check out the direction to the island and came across some blogs that recommended travellers to book the ferry ticket. Do take note that the ferry schedule might change according to the weather. Before leaving the hotel, we got the hotel receptionist to call up and check on the timing. It took her quite a while to get the correct number. When she got through the call, she noted down the timing for us. Actually I don’t think there’s a need for seats reservation.

We headed off for Moselupo port which was an hour drive. When we arrived, we were searching for the counter where we could purchase the ferry ticket. Look out for the following (one that look like a little house) and you will find the ticketing booth.

Photo 7-12-16, 12 33 01 PM

There’s 2 different ferry that goes to different island. There was a staff that stood in front of the counter and we checked with him which counter to purchase for ticket going Marado. Apparently there were no one queue. The counter lady was rushing us when she saw us queuing up for the ticket because the ferry was leaving in 10 minutes! She requested for our passport and processed everything for us. Oh yes, they require you to produce your passport at the point of purchasing the ticket. Hence, do remember to bring along yours! After handling us the ticket, we ran to the ferry departure terminal which was 10 minutes away from the ticketing counter. I ran as fast as I could but it was still pretty slow. Luckily I have a long leg husband 😀 We reached the departure point just in time.

The ride from Moselupo port to Marado was 15 minutes. It is true that Marado isn’t a touristy place. People who visited the place the same time as us were mostly Koreans. I read online that the island is famous for their Zha Jiang Mian. I wanted to try but the time given to stay on the island was too short. We didn’t get to choose the return time. It was pre-selected by the ticketing staff. I guess because they wanted to control the crowd. Anyway, we were only given 1h 30 mins to tour around the island. Our return ferry set off at 1PM.

I like Marado island. It is surrounded by water and the air is so fresh in the morning. Most importantly, taking photos without anyone in the background is not an issue. Photo taking is my hobby. Soo.. I took photo at every corner. 1.5 hours is sufficient to tour the entire island but 2 hours will be just nice for me to sit down and have a bowl of Zha Jiang Mian.

Photo 7-12-16, 10 42 10 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 10 43 43 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 11 03 29 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 10 53 24 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 10 56 19 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 11 32 43 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 11 36 38 AMPhoto 7-12-16, 11 40 34 AM

We went looking out for food after returning to Moseulpo port. We walked past a shop house thinking that it was some Korean restaurant. No… It’s a supermarket that sells seafoods (I supposed it’s fresh). After walking one round, we decided to go with Google and it brought us to this nearby restaurant called Hong Sung Bang. It was a 5 minutes drive from Moseulpo. We ordered a combo and it came with a couple of dishes. It’s pretty good except for the sweet and sour pork. It tasted so different from the one we had in Singapore. We weren’t too used to the taste. I think the combo set cost about 40000KRW and I would recommend you to give it a try.

Photo 7-12-16, 12 50 46 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 12 53 10 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 12 55 24 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 12 55 41 PM

Right opposite Hong Sung Bang is a cozy cafe known as UN Cafe&Bar. It was supposed to be a relax holiday. Hence, we decided to hop in for a cup of latte. It was indeed a cozy layout cafe just like one of those cafes that you always see in the Korean drama. The owner of the cafe speaks fluent English. We had a small chat with him. Nice guy. He recommended us to take the route along the sea to get a beautiful scenery.

Photo 7-12-16, 1 29 38 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 1 35 43 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 1 36 50 PM

As suggested, we travelled along the sea and couldn’t really find the place that the cafe owner mentioned. We didn’t think that we were travelling in the correct direction so we pulled over at some other places. I don’t exactly know where were the place but it was somewhere near the cafe we went.

Photo 7-12-16, 1 57 02 PM

Photo 7-12-16, 1 59 52 PM

Jusangjeollidae was our next destination. It was at least a 30 minutes drive from Moseulpo port to Jusangjeollidae. Over there, you will catch a rock cliff view. The rock pillars are shaped like cubes of different sizes. It pretty much looks like Apostles 12 in Melbourne but probably a smaller version of it. There’s an entrance fee of 2,000 KRW that we have to pay.

There’s quite a a lot of people when we were there. Hence, it a little difficult to take a nice picture. Jusangjeollidae is pretty much similar to other rock/cliff that we went. The only difference is the rocks are formed in different shapes. I love nature, I love sea. Soo.. I don’t mind going even if it looks similar the ones I’ve been.

Photo 7-12-16, 2 43 49 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 2 44 08 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 2 46 34 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 2 46 55 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 2 47 29 PM

There’s the other side of Jusangjeollidae which is just like a park. There were lesser people there because visitors mainly went there for the rock cliff view. Well, there’s nothing much in the park. One hour would probably be sufficient to tour the entire park.

Photo 7-12-16, 2 51 47 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 2 52 37 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 2 54 39 PM

Photo 7-12-16, 3 05 14 PM

One last planned destination for the day, Cheonjiyeon falls. It’s a nice park to have a stroll with such a chilly weather. Quiet, nice scenery, good weather…. But there were a lot of small flies surround us which was kinda annoying. It would be good if you bring alogn some insect repellent to prevent the flies from annoying you. Other than that, it a perfect place for dating 😀

Photo 7-12-16, 3 44 28 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 3 45 56 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 3 49 39 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 3 50 50 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 3 57 36 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 3 58 22 PM

The day was still young when we were about to leave Cheonjiyeon Falls. We decided to head to one last place near out hotel before heading back for dinner. I found this place, Oedolgae. There’s a bridge and if you go further up, you will have a good view of three little island (Seopseom, Munseom, Beomseom) not too far from Oedolgae. The wind was really strong when we were there. Do wear enough in order not to catch a cold.

Photo 7-12-16, 4 22 47 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 4 24 40 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 4 28 08 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 4 33 55 PM

Feeling famished, we head back to the food street near our hotel for fried chicken dinner. We randomly popped into a store that sell fried chicken. It’s quite surprising that there’s not a single soul inside the shop but we still decided to give it a try. It turned out not too bad. So I guess it’s located at the second level which isn’t too prominent to the passer by. We ended our night with fried chicken and beer.

Photo 7-12-16, 6 32 32 PMPhoto 7-12-16, 6 57 06 PM





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