Korea 12 Days 11 Nights (Day 1)

Travel Period: 05 Dec – 16 Dec 2016

Korea was the 2nd part of our honeymoon. We flew back from Maldives to Singapore and took Koreanair from Singapore to Seoul. The air ticket cost us SGD 1082 / pax. As December was a peak period, the ticket was slightly more expensive. It was a 7.5 hours flight to Seoul and half the time we were sleeping. At 8:40AM local time, we arrived at Incheon Airport. We collected our baggage and headed up to SK Telcom Roaming Center located between Gate 6 and 7 at the arrival hall. SK Mifi reservation was made online prior to our trip and collection was done upon arrival. The rental fee was 5,000KRW / day. Payment was not required during the collection. However, we were required to provide them with the credit card details and a deposit of 100,000KRW (depending on which router model your are renting). CLR-1000KS was the recommended ones and that’s the reason why we went for that. The router battery ran out very quickly. Hence, do remember to bring along at least 2 portable chargers (1 for phone, 1 for router) for your trip.


SK Telcom Roaming Center

The planned itinerary was to start from Jeju -> Busan -> Seoul. We bought the domestic air ticket from Seoul to Jeju and the departure was at Gimpo Airport. In fact , all domestic flights depart from Gimpo Airport. To get from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport, we headed down to the basement and followed the sign “Airport Railway” to the railway which travel to Gimpo Airport. We bought a single trip ticket through the machine located right outside the station. It’s quite prominent. Hence, don’t worry you will miss it. However, if you have a T-Money (similar to Ez-link card), you can also use that.

Photo 5-12-16, 9 12 51 AM.jpg

Machine to purchase the train ticket

Photo 5-12-16, 9 16 58 AM.jpg

Single trip ticket to Gimpo Airport

There are 2 types of train operating, Express and Commuter. Express brings you straight to Seoul station whereas Commuter stops at every station. Be sure to board the commuter train that brings you to Gimpo Airport. The journey from Incheon to Gimpo airport was approximately 30 minutes. Pretty fast.


Railway Station

Upon arrival, we followed the sign that led us to the domestic airport. Our flight was at 12:30PM but we checked in our baggages once we reached. I think we were 3 hours earlier. I supposed that’s alright because they didn’t stop us from checking in. Just gotta let them know the flight timing in case our baggage were transported in a different plane.

The 1 hour flight single trip from Seoul to Jeju cost 28,000KRW. When I was about to fall asleep, the cabin crew announced “Prepare for landing”. We reached Jeju at about 1:35PM local time.

Most people who visit Jeju would rent a car because it’s tedious to go around by public transport. Unlike Busan and Seoul, there’s no train available in Jeju. So, we rented a car from LOTTE Rent-a-car. Prior to our trip, my hubby made an online reservation for KIA K3 model which cost 33,000KRW/day. If I’m not wrong, the cost of rental differs for members and non-member. Hence, you might want to register for an account before you proceed on with renting. Check out LOTTE Rent-a-car for more information.


To get to LOTTE Rent-a-car centre, we had to take a shuttle bus from parking 9-2. To get to parking 9-2, we looked out for Gate 3 and took the nearest exit. Right outside the exit, there’s a traffic light. We crossed the traffic light and arrived at the other side of the road. Thereafter, we walked towards the right and reached the open air carpark. Parking 9-2 wasn’t that prominent. I went asking one of the staff (look like one) and she directed me to a red bus. So if you can’t find, look for the red color bus. Ask before boarding just in case it’s not the right bus. The shuttle bus comes every 6-7 minutes.

The shuttle bus brought us right in front of the entrance. We approached the counter staff and handed her the printed reservation slip. Subsequently, she asked for credit card, passport and the international license. After processing, the other staff brought us to the car. As we bought the most expensive insurance, there’s not much checking needed because everything were cover if anything happens. He did a scan through on the external and went on to explain how to operate the GPS. The display was all in Korean but voice navigation was in English. Hence, just got to remember where to hit. Not that difficult. He handed the car key to us and off we went. Some important stuff to take not when renting a car from LOTTE Rent-a-car.


Our first destination was Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) 용두암龙头岩 which was located slightly above the Jeju Airport. The reason why it’s called Yongduam Rock is because the rock looks like Dragon Head. The following is how the dragon head came about. Interesting.


There’s nothing special about the place other than the dragon head rock that didn’t look like a dragon head to us. It took us quite a while to realise where the dragon head was when we saw people taking picture in that direction. Anyway, we went there because it was very near the airport and we were driving. No harm popping by as no fee was required.


Yongduam Rock


Figure out the dragon head rock

Phone: (+82 64-728-3918)

3PM was the time we could check in to our hotel. We left Yongduam Rock for our hotel (The Ocean Palace) at Seogwipo, southern part of Jeju. The drive from Yongduam Rock to The Ocean Palace was 1 hour 20 minutes. We took the shorter route which brought us through the mountain. Countless curve roads. It would be dangerous if it’s night time because there’s no road side lamp. Anyway, I enjoyed the ride.



Finally, we reached out hotel safely. The Ocean Palace has a wide parking space and it’s free. However, the counter staff who assisted for check in was pretty rude. She just handed us the room card with only the room number mentioned. No other explanation. Really bad service. Anyway, it’s a service apartment instead of hotel.

We took the card and went up to our room. The room was big and pretty clean. Check it out below.


Our room was at Level 3 and it’s located the road. It was kind of noisy. If you ever stay there, request for a higher level. We unpacked out stuff and took a short nap before heading out for dinner.

Jeju is famous for abalone porridge. I googled recommended abalone porridge located in Seogwipo and Su Hui Sik Dang came out on my list. It’s just right opposite our apartment. We ordered 2 bowls of porridge without knowing how big it was. The lady was suggesting to order one bowl of porridge and some other dishes. We wanted to heed her advise but her lady boss stopped her from changing the order so that she can earn more. 15,000KRW per bowl. Oh wells…



It looks good from the photo but it tasted a little blend. But with the many side dishes, it’s not that bad. I tried before in other restaurant four years ago and it tasted pretty similar. Maybe that’s the intended taste.

Phone: 762-0777

After dinner, we went to Seogwipo Daily Olle Market which was 10 minutes away from our apartment. We took a short walk and we realised that there were many other nice food along the way to the market. We knew where to have dinner for the next few night. At that hour, there were still quite a few stores opened selling like snacks like grilled octopus, black pork, etc. I was too full to have anything. We only got a bottle of Jeju orange juice from Shmonga for sharing. It tasted different from our orange juice but it was good. Slightly pricy I would say.



That’s about it for Day 1. Stay tune for my day 2 trip in Jeju 🙂


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