Maldives 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Last Day)

It’s about time to bid W Maldives goodbye. Our flight was at 12:55PM local time. We woke up at 8:30AM for breakfast. It was a quick breakfast because we kinda got sick of the food. I think it’s the same everyday. Well, that’s normal for every hotels. We met this lady named Jessica who served us for the past 3 days. She’s very nice and friendly, always putting a smile on her face even though she ended work late and started early. It was only her first week working in W Maldives but it felt like she had worked for a long time. After that, we came to know that she had been working in Maldives for 7 years. Her love for Maldives….


After breakfast, we went back to our room and got ourselves ready to go back home. Had everything packed and called the buddy to fetch us to the departure point. Goodbye to the fabulous room.


Our seaplane was scheduled to depart at 10PM. We settled our bill at the reception. In total, we spent about USD 1,500 on food and water activities. Just enough cash to pay for it. We were the only couple to depart from W Maldives at that time. That’s when the staff lined up in a row to bid their guest goodbye. The flight from W Maldives to Male airport was about 30 minutes without any stop over. I could have slept but I didn’t want to. I’m not sure when I am coming again. Treasure the moment.

When we arrived in Male, their staff was stationed there to pick up up from the arrival area and fetched us to the Male airport in a private van with only us. The ride from the sea plane to the airport was about 10 minutes. The staff brought us all the way in to the departure gate. Awesome service.

There were still a fair bit of time left before boarding. Hence, we went Burger King to have our lunch. My hubby went to order the food and came back complaining their cashier was a scam. Firstly, the mentioned that they did not have regular cup so they used the large cup and filled up only half of it. Secondly, the bill was USD 11.50. My hubby gave USD 12 but there’s no change returned. My hubby asked for his change and he told him that they did not have any change. Seriously WTF. The customer in front of him also encountered the same issue. How many USD 0.5 had they collected? It’s just simply dishonest. Avoid Budget king if possible. If not, prepare the exact amount.

At 11:50AM, we boarded the plane back to Singapore and prepare to depart for Korea! Stay tune on my Korea trip 🙂


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