Maldives 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Day 3)

Time really flew past very quickly when you are on a holiday and that was our 3rd day in Maldives. We woke up at 9AM for our breakfast. That’s the latest we could wake up because breakfast ended at 10AM. Nothing much to mention about the breakfast other than the fruit platter that was prepared by the same chef who prepared for us on our second day of our breakfast.  That’s really nice of him. It’s a small gesture but it left a good impression.

I actually forgot to mention in my day 2 post that a staff approached us to explain on the water sport available in W Maldives during our first breakfast. We could actually make a booking with her but we didn’t. Our plan was to go with one water sports per day. Therefore, we had to chose wisely. The staff knew that who were the guests who had just arrived. Hence, don’t worry that they will approach you everyday.

We had a stroll back to our hotel after breakfast and I’m still loving the place very much. Stopping by every corner for photo taking was what I did because photographs were all I could bring back after the holiday.


Photo 3-12-16, 12 59 24 PM.jpg

After a short rest, we took our snorkelling gear and off we went. The starting point of snorkelling depends on the direction of the current. There are 2 starting point, spa -> FISH restaurant or FISH restaurant -> spa. We started off from FISH restaurant and headed towards the spa area. Actually, we could start at either starting point as the current wasn’t strong at 10am.  There we went. It was so beautiful under the water. The further we swam away from the beach, the more things we saw. Lots of fishes and corals. The staff mentioned that we would see sea turtle if we were lucky enough. Oh yes, we were lucky enough and we really saw sea turtle. That was pretty near to the SPA area. My hubby followed the sea turtle to catch a video without knowing where he was swimming to. As we swam further away from the beach, there was a huge drop in the sea where we could go really deep down. I didn’t dare to go further because I didn’t feel secure. I would if I had a guide following us. I don’t have any picture of us snorkelling but I do have videos. I will upload soon.

On the way back to our room, we went to the beach counter to book a slot for wave runner jet ski which cost USD190 per jet ski. On the catalogue, it stated USD190 for wave runner jet ski but did not mentioned if it per jet ski or per pax. We enquired one of the staff about the cost of getting one jet ski with 1 rider and 1 pillion. He told us each pax would cost USD 190. I was shocked and didn’t want to proceed on with the booking because it’s freaking expensive if it’s the price of per pax. The other staff came forward to correct him. So it’s USD 195 per jet ski for 30 minute. Well, it’s still very pricey but we went ahead with the booking.

From then till 3:30PM, we were chilling in our room soaking in the mini jacuzzi.We tried snorkelling in front of our room but couldn’t see anything. So we went back up again.


At 3.15PM, we headed off to the beach for jet ski. It was supposed to start at 3.30PM but the previous group came back late. Hence, we only started off at about 4PM. Initially, I thought that we will be going alone but apparently there was a guide with us. Before setting off, the instructor gave a short tutorial to the rider on how to control the jet ski and the respective hand signs to look out for or use. Also, he emphasised that it’s important not to go too close to him to prevent collision. He looked pretty pissed because the previous group did not follow his instruction and capsized. The tutorial was about 10 minutes and we went off after that. I always thought that jet ski is easy but my hubby mentioned that it’s very difficult to control especially when the wave was strong. I could feel that he had difficulty controlling because his acceleration did not happen gradually. I made sure I hold on to him tight in case I dropped into the sea without him knowing. I was my first time doing jet ski and I liked it. If it’s not that expensive, I would have ride one on my own. Sorry, I’ve got only video but no pictures.

It was 5PM after our jet ski and we wanted to go for the complimentary kayaking. We were told that it’s low tight at that time and couldn’t proceed on with it. It was kinda wasted but it’s alright because my hubby wouldn’t have strength to kayak after the jet ski. He used too much strength to hold on tight. So we headed back to our room to wash up.

Photo 3-12-16, 8 43 21 PM.jpg

At 7PM, we were at FISH restaurant for our dinner. This time round we ordered salmon and king prawns. I like the king prawns that were pan fried with sambal chilli. So good! Salmon was also good but I would prefer the prawns. We met chef Sujith again. The day before, I was just casual chatting with him about some dishes and I mentioned about mango sticky rice. I was asking if he knows how to prepare mango sticky rice. He knew but that kind of rice is not available in Maldives. Who knows, he made us mango sticky rice for our dessert. That was really nice of him. It’s our last night in W Maldives and we decided to take a picture with him as a memory.


Appetiser. This is really good!




King Prawn pan-fried with sambal chilli


Truffle fries

That’s about it for day 3 (:




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