Maldives 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Day 2)

Breakfast was included for our room. It started at 7:30AM to 10AM. We woke up at 8:30AM for breakfast. Being too lazy early in the morning, we got a buggy to fetch us from the room the the Kitchen restaurant where the breakfast were served. There were indoor and outdoor seating. We chose the indoor seating knowing that we would be out in sun for the rest of the day. As usual, there’s nothing fantastic about the breakfast spread. It’s the typical spread served in any other hotels. One thing I liked about the breakfast was freshly squeezed fruit juices were available.


The Pastries


The Breakfast

We met Chef Sujith, the main chef of FISH restaurant while having our breakfast. He was nice enough to prepare some fruits and served to us personally. We had a small chat with him before heading back to our room.

Photo 2-12-16, 12 18 21 PM.jpg

We went for a walk along the beach before heading back. The water was so clear that we could clearly see fishes swimming around. It was the perfect timing to have a walk because the weather wasn’t too hot. It was also a good timing for photo taking because no one was at the beach yet. Since we were at the beach area, we went to check out the water activities available in W Maldives. They have quite a few. If you are interested, do check out this link for the activities available and it’s cost -> W Maldives Water Activities  We chose to go for parasailing and we booked out time slot at 3:30PM. We rented the snorkelling gear and brought it back to our room.

Photo 2-12-16, 1 04 11 PM.jpg

View of the hut from the beach

Photo 2-12-16, 1 10 47 PM.jpg

Having a stroll along the beach

Photo 2-12-16, 1 29 50 PM.jpg

On the way back to our room


The paradise

The rest of our time were spent in the room till we headed out for parasailing. We had our Jacuzzi and headed down into the sea using the staircase available. Oh yes, I forgot to mentioned that there were 2 life vast available in the room.  With that, you can jump down the sea anytime. It was pretty scary the first time I went down because I was uncertained how strong the current was. When I went down, it was pretty alright. We floated in the sea for a while and headed back up for sun tanning.

Photo 2-12-16, 3 09 05 PM.jpg

Sun Tanning

Photo 2-12-16, 1 18 29 AM.jpg

Husband & Wife

at 3:15PM, we left for the arrival/departure jetty. That’s where we set off for our parasailing in a speedboat. The fee was charged to the room. All we did was to sign on the paper to acknowledge we had done that activity. We were charged a total of USD 210 for 2 pax. When you think Batam or Bintan is expensive, this is even more expensive.

There were 2 other people who were doing it too. Hence, we were all in the same batch taking the same boat. We chose to be the last one doing it. While others were up there enjoying the view, I was enjoying the bumpy boat ride and the view. One guy came down and said that he couldn’t see anything because he flew too high. So, the second guy requested to be lower so that he could have a good view of the scenery. How low you can go actually depends on how strong the wind is. I think that uncle manage to go at the desired height. We had all our safety gear on and waiting for our turn. We went up in pair because going up alone is too boring. We were up there for a good 15 minutes and guess what. We saw dolphins! How lucky we were because the others didn’t see it. Opps 😀


Enjoying the view


Enjoying the ride

Photo 2-12-16, 3 49 41 PM.jpg

Ready to go

after 30 minutes of boat ride and 15 minutes of parasailing, we were back on the beach in the sea. Nothing much, just soaking in the sea water and looking at what’s in there. We went back to our room to have some small bites and headed out for sunset.


Before the sunset

We walked around the resort and found a perfect spot for sunset. That was right at the entrance of FISH restaurant where the W logo was. Alternatively, you can choose to head in to the bar to watch the sunset with a glass of nice cocktail. We were happy without the drink.




Photo 2-12-16, 4 59 48 PM.jpg

Photo 2-12-16, 5 03 56 PM (1).jpg

Photo 2-12-16, 5 08 03 PM.jpg

Photo 2-12-16, 5 13 04 PM.jpg

Dinner reservation at FIRE was made at 7PM. It was about time after we got ourselves washed up. Again, we took a buggy to FIRE restaurant. “FIRE is where free spirits can indulge in casual outdoor dining in Maldives, feasting on barbeque and reconnecting with nature.” Do note that it is a buffet style and it cost about USD 110 per pax. We initially didn’t know that it’s a buffet style till we saw people walking around getting their own plates of food. It’s really expensive but we wanted to give it a try. If you love grilled food and planning to have it for more than one time, I would recommend you to go for half board because that will probably cost you lesser. It was too late for us to take up the half board so we jolly well got to pay for that price. Just to mention, if you are taking half board, it has to be continuous throughout your stay with W Maldives. That’s one mistake we made. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our dinner.

Photo 2-12-16, 7 51 05 PM.jpg

Grilled fish



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