Maldives 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Day 1)

I’ve heard so much about how beautiful Maldives is and realising increasing number of people have made a trip there despite the high cost. No doubts of the high cost.

Some good news to announce. I got married recently in December and Maldives was listed as one of the destinations for our honeymoon. Due to the promotion, we have to book the air ticket 3 months in advance (September) at the price of SGD1784.20 for 2 pax flying by Silkair. Surprisingly, the seats were more or less selected. The available seats were all separated.  We ended up sitting separately. It’s not so bad as we were just one arm length away.

The journey to Male was about 4.5 hours. There were no screens available for movies in front of the seats. Instead, passengers have to connect their phones to their internal network for entertainments. Pretty cool.

The baggage unload was really slow. We waited about 30 minutes for our luggage. Well, that didn’t spoil my holiday. Upon exiting the arrival gate, one of the W Maldives staff was waiting outside for us and brought us to the sea plane check-in counter. All we had to do was to hand him our passport and every other thing was done nicely for us.


The counter for sea plane check-in

Right, we stayed with W Maldives for this trip. We chose W Maldives based on their good reviews. During the time of booking, there was a promotion where rooms would be upgraded with no cost. So, we booked the Wonderful Beach Oasis and we got upgraded to Spectacular Ocean Oasis. The room rate during our traveling period for Wonderful Beach Oasis was USD 885 per room/night excluding sea plane. The sea plane cost USD 505 per person. The costs mentioned are excluding tax. For cost break down, refer to the following :


Accommodation Cost Breakdown

Exchange rate was 1.41 upon payment. Hence, the total cost for us was SGD6,082.37. We did not take up any board (full board/half board). But it’s advisable to take up half board which includes breakfast and dinner if you are planning to try all restaurants in W Maldives. Whether to take up full/half board, you can decide upon arrival. Just let the staff knows.

We arrived in Male at about 12:30PM and the next flight only depart at 2:30PM. We were brought to W Maldives Lounge by a mini bus. It was a 10 minutes drive to the lounge. When we were in the lounge, a staff attended to us. He did an explanation on the amenities in W Maldives. He tried to up sell the Wow Ocean Escape but failed to do so because it cost approx. USD 3,000 per night. I’m sorry. We ain’t that rich. There was light snacks and drinks provided in the lounge but it all tasted pretty awful. W Maldives, you have to improve on your pastries.


While waiting, I was checking out what we could do during our stay.   Spa and massage catalogue was displayed on the table. Although I had no interest in it, I flipped through it to check the price. Guess what I saw? 80 min of facial for USD 200. Actually, we were expecting that price range.


We boarded the sea plane at 2:30PM. The sea planes were all parked outside the lounge.

Photo 1-12-16, 5 19 30 PM.jpg

The ride to W Maldives was about 40 minutes because ours was the second stop. Interestingly, the sea plane Pilots were dressed in knee length shorts and slippers. Aside from that, there’s no air con in the sea plane. It wasn’t really hot because air were coming in.

Photo 1-12-16, 5 40 03 PM.jpg

Well, these didn’t affect me from enjoying the awesome view from the sea plane. There were many beautiful little islands which form up of different shapes, many resorts which I believed were all paradise.


One of the Resort we flew past

Photo 1-12-16, 6 08 10 PM.jpg

It should be nice to snorkel here

Welcome to W Maldives. Upon arrival, there were a group of staff line up to welcome the us. There was a mini drink counter at the arrival/departure area. Feel free to order any drinks available and they are not chargeable. I mean they were probably include that in our accommodation. Their staffs were really friendly so feel free to ask for help in photo taking. They knew where’s the best spot to take a nice picture.


Photo 1-12-16, 6 34 47 PM (1).jpg

Here’s with the W logo

Photo 1-12-16, 6 33 49 PM.jpg

And with the ocean

Every group of guest were assigned a staff and they brought us around the resort using a buggy. Along the way, she (the staff) brief us through the facilities available. One of the “free” activities was snorkelling. We were allowed to rent the snorkelling gear from the beach counter with no additional charge and it was returned at the end of our stay. Besides that, we were entitled one hour of “free” kayaking. Check that out the the beach counter.


Photo 1-12-16, 6 41 59 PM.jpg

Welcome to the beach

W Maldives were thoughtful enough to have placed ice creams and can drinks along some of the walkway where guests can freely pick it from from the fridge. They have Magnum, Magnolia cone ice cream, milo and coffee.

We were lucky enough to travel within the promotion period where rooms were upgraded with no cost. I love the place. Everything was so awesome. It’s a paradise. The photos will tell you what I meant.


Because it’s our honeymoon

Photo 1-12-16, 6 51 10 PM.jpg

Enjoy the view but not feeling hot

Photo 1-12-16, 6 54 44 PM.jpg


Photo 1-12-16, 6 54 52 PM.jpg

Bathing with a view

Photo 1-12-16, 6 51 53 PM.jpg

And if you love the sun

Photo 1-12-16, 7 04 52 PM.jpg

To celebrate our marriage

By the time we checked in was about 4ish – 5PM. We stayed in our room throughout until dinner time (7PM). Enjoyed the view, the sun, the Jacuzzi and the champagne. Remember to put on your sun block because it’s pretty hot there.


Enjoying the sun

Photo 1-12-16, 7 13 55 PM.jpg

And the sea

There were a total of 3 restaurants in W Maldives.

  • Fire – Grilled meat
  • Fish – Seafood
  • Kitchen – Asian food (I think)

We were told by the staff to make reservation before going in case it’s full and we did. We went to fish for dinner the first night. We called for the buggy to pick us up from our room. The ambience was good but very dark. That’s what we called romantic. I ordered barramundi and my husband ordered pork. I liked the taste of mine but not my husband’s main course because it was a little tasteless. The chef was friendly. He came out to talk to us and we feedback to him about the pork. Hopefully there’s an improve on that. After dinner, we had dessert. It’s some lemon flavoured dessert and it tasted pretty good. We were at fish for a good 2 hours, enjoying the wine and sea sea breeze.

Photo 1-12-16, 9 59 23 PM.jpg

The fish restaurant


The white that I ordered


Starter before the main course






Our lemon flavour dessert

The total cost of this meal was about USD 250. Average course of one main course was about USD 56.

We walked back to our room after dinner for better digestion. That’s about it for our Day 1 in Maldives.


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