Thailand 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Last day)

And again, we had hotel breakfast. As usual, the main area was packed and we got directed to the other side. Hotel staff mentioned that the spreads were the same on both sides and if we found anything that was not available, they would bring it over to us. Well, it’s not true that the spreads were the same. My fiance’s mother head over to the over side for a look and realised that it had more variety at the main dining area. If you fancy hotel breakfast, do wait for the main dining to be available.

After breakfast, we head over to MacDonald located right opposite Intercontinental hotel to look for fiance’s brother. He made the right choice to have Mac breakfast. The weather was so good. We appreciated the weather by having Starbucks coffee outdoor. Never ever have we had coffee outdoor in Bangkok. That was the first time. I was enjoying my ice cream.

Collection of the tailored clothes was at 12:30 pm. We went back to our hotel for a little rest before checking out. Our Thailand friend came to pick us up from the hotel and head off to the tailor shop at Amari Watergate to collect my fiance’s clothes. We were there but the suit hadn’t arrive. While waiting for his suit, he tried on the shirts and pants. The fitting was good. Hence, anybody who needs to tailor and shirts or pants can get Admire to do it for you. The suit came half way through the fitting and he tried it on with the shirt and pants. Looked smart 😀

It was about 2:00 pm and they brought us to a restaurant that they visit regularly. It’s located outside of town. Probably a 15 minutes ride by cab from town. I’ve been there a couple of times too. Food is good and inexpensive. I love their salted baked fish with their homemade chilli. The amount that I ate could add up to one fish. The best part is it’s only SGD 12. Eat all you can! Too bad, I’m not a big eater.

Name: สมพงศ์ซีฟู้ด ศรีนครินทร์ (if you know how to read)

Location: Bang Mueang, Samut Prakan

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Our flight back to Singapore was at 8 pm. They fetched us to the airport after lunch. They gotten us lots of things to bring back.

  1. 2 cartons of Mama Tom Yam cup noodle (my favourite)
  2. 4 cartons of soy milk
  3. 1 carton of rice dumplings
  4. 2 cartoons of mango and sticky rice
  5. Few bottles of fried fish
  6. Few bottles of thai chilli

We didn’t manage to bring them all back because it went over the weight limit. Kudos to their hospitality. They took good care of us. Off we went so that they could head back for a good rest after 4 days. Goodbye Thailand. We all know it’s not the last time.



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