Thailand 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Day 3)

It’s my shopping day! We head down for hotel breakfast at about 8:30AM. Because the main area was packed, we were guided to another area which was originally a restaurant for our breakfast. We were told that the spread were the same. Nah, not that fantastic. I had their omelettes and their soupy yellow noodle. Both were good. I didn’t bother trying the rest because it did look that appetising. Well, that’s enough for my breakfast.

Off we went for shopping at Platinum Mall. That’s my kind of heaven. Clothes are cheap and I didn’t think twice when buying. I like it I buy it. Opps, not because I’m rich. We had a couple of bags when we were done with shopping. My poor and nice fiance helped to carry all our plastic bags but none of it was his. I’m sorry…


We went for lunch with our Thailand and his family @ Coffee Bean by DAO. It’s a cafe that we always visit when we visit Bangkok. Singapore used to have one outlet at the current Omakase Store but it closed down probably due to high rental. Anyway, Coffee Bean by DAO in Thailand serve pretty good Thai food. They do have nice cakes. Do try any of their cakes with coconut. It’s so good.

The cafe was packed everytime we were there. If you don’t make a reservation, you will have to queue about 10 – 15 minutes.

And.. more shopping after lunch. We went a separate way with our Thai friends and continued to shop in Siam Paragon. I don’t have things to buy in Siam Paragon because they are above my budget. The only thing I always bought from Siam Paragon is Trump Bra. They are cheaper as compared to Singapore. Sorry, I’m like an aunty but I’m not. HAHA.

We met our Thai friends again at late evening and they brought us to the Patinya store. One of them is a regular customer of Patinya Designer clothes. Because she’s a regular, she gets discounted off the items that she purchase. My fiance’s mother bought a dress which cost about SGD700. I don’t buy clothes that’s more than a $100. Too expensive.

It’s about 6:30PM. We hopped on to the van and head to the tailor shop for trial fitting. His shirts were pretty much done with some adjustment based on the comfort level of the person. They are well known for their slim fitting cut. Having said that, I think one of their staff shirt was a bit too tie that the button could burst anytime and he didn’t look very comfortable. After the trial fit, they sent the shirts, suit and pants back to the factory for alteration.

I felt like we kept eating in Thailand. Not long before, we had our lunch and it’s dinner time. They brought us to Heng Shark’s Fin and ordered a few dishes for sharing. Each of us had a bowl of shark’s fin soup. It was quite a big bowl and I was full after that one bowl of shark’s fin. The shark’s fin soup was good. The rest of the food was alright. I don’t know how much that cost because they paid for the bill.

They dropped us back at our hotel. We went back to the hotel to put of loots and went out for a drink at Hyde & Seek Peek a Boo bar. It was a walkable distance from Intercontinental Hotel. Good weather, Good beer, good company. Goodnight!



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