Thailand 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Day 2)

Morning view was good with the great weather. The hotel room that they booked for us came with breakfast. Hence, we head down to the lobby area after preparation. Their breakfast was horrible. The spread was limited and their food didn’t look appetising. Furthermore, breakfast area had a bad sewage smell. I had the safest dish, bread and omelette. If these can go wrong, I’m speechless. My advise is to head out for breakfast!


We had a walk around the resort after our breakfast. They have playing pools which are somehow interconnected. No one was swimming at that point of time probably because it’s too early and cold. I got to mention that the pool was a little dirty. I hope the staff cleaned it up. I’ll let my photo bring you for a tour around the resort.

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Time to check out of the hotel. The bill was SGD 200+ for a room. Yes, that’s pretty expensive but I had a pretty good stay there. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there was a complementary welcome drinks for each person from the hotel. We had our drinks at the lobby while waiting for them to come pick us up for another destination.

They came to pick us up at about 1PM and brought us to this cafe called La Ferme Restaurant for lunch. It’s a french restaurant. When I walked in to the restaurant, I was overwhelmed by the number of cakes they have and it all looked so delicious. We started ordering food once we got seated. La Ferme is famous for their roasted chicken. Hence, they ordered the dish for sharing. I ordered Croque Madame. I gotta say that their food were all good especially the signature roasted chicken. It’s fantastic. That’s probably the best roasted chicken I have tasted. Not kidding. The meat was so soft and tender. It just made me want to have more. Do try it! I don’t exactly know where it is but check out the address below:

164/3 Moo 5 Pattaya-Naklua Road, Naklua, Banglamung, เมืองพัทยา ชลบุรี 20150, Thailand

It’s time to head back to Bangkok! 2.5 hours of car ride, everyone slept throughout. We were too tired from waking up early for the horrible breakfast. The driver stopped us half way through the journey for toilet break and continued.

Thank goodness, Bangkok was still as cooling as Pattaya. They dropped us off at Intercontinental Hotel. We did a checked in, dropped our baggage and went to the tailor shop (Admire @ Amari Watergate) where my fiance planned to tailor some working top. It was recommended by his friends who always patronise the store for tailored shirt. There was only one indian guy when we were there and his service was pretty good. He took his measurement and told us to go back the next day evening time for trial fitting. The shirts, suit and pants were ready in 1 day time after the trial fitting. Amazing to produce all of it in 3 days time. Let’s see how it turned out to be.

Thereafter, we went back to our hotel for a rest before heading out for dinner with our Thai friend and family. They made a reservation at Xine Tien Di Chinese Restaurant @ Gaysorn Shopping Mall right beside our hotel. The restaurant was packed when we arrived. We had a private room of 2 tables. The food arrived not long after we got seated. It’s some standard Chinese dishes and it was not bad. We had a good dinner and great time catching up with them!

What’s up after dinner?? We head back to our for a good rest!


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