Thailand 4 Days 3 Nights Trip (Day 1)

IMG_2619Off we went to Thailand on the eve of Lunar New Year Eve. I normally stay in Singapore to celebrate Lunar New Year. It got a little boring as I grew older. Hence, I decided to travel out with my Fiance and his family. It was a short holiday. We took Thai airway and the ticket was quite pricey flying to Bangkok. It was approximately SGD 500. Hence, it’s advisable to fly 1-2 days before the holiday starts. Probably will help to save at least a 100 bucks.

2.5 hours of flight and we had arrived in Bangkok Suvarnahumi Airport. As usual, there was a long queue at the custom and it was moving very slowly. We waited for about 30 minutes before being cleared.

For the very first time, I love Thailand’s weather. It was chilly. Like air-con kinda temperature. This kind of weather is rare and we lucky enough to experience it. I was hoping that it will last till the end of our trip and it really did.

Our first destination, Pattaya. That was my first time visiting. Our Thailand friend booked a van to fetch us from the airport to Pattaya. Not only did they booked a van for us, they followed us to Pattaya. The ride from the airport to Pattaya was 2.5 hours. Thumbs up for their hospitality. Half way through the journey, we went down for coffee and some small bites at a Starbucks. That’s probably one of the store that they always visit. We got ourselves some cakes and pies for sharing. Coconut cake is something that we don’t find in Singapore Starbucks and it was so good. Do try it when you are there. After coffee, it was another 1 hour ride before reaching the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort. It’s an African concept resort with a private beach. Pretty nice and the weather was even better here as it is close to the sea.


Our friend got us a room with a balcony facing the sea. How awesome to wake up with that view. After settling down, we head down to the lobby to meet them again. They had a whole line of activities planned for us. Having sat in the van for so long, they booked a full body massage for us at Health Land. It’s a big massage centre that they visit regularly. The company is all prepared for Chinese tourists because some of their stuff speaks Mandarin. When we arrived, the staff brought us up to level 2 and their masseurs were lined up ready to serve us. We got a couple room with bathing facilities. Washed up and got ready to have our bones cracked. The whole session last about an hour. It was a good massage. It was much more expensive than the stores along the street.

After massage, they brought us for seafood dinner at this place called Nang Nual Seafood Restaurant. It’s located inside the Walking Street where all the bars are located. Pretty crowded but we were still able to walk without squeezing. Here we were at the restaurant. I guess they have already made a reservation. They chose the dishes while we head to our table. Can’t stop emphasising on how nice the weather was to be able to dine outdoor without complaining it’s hot. Enjoying the moment. Their food was good especially their cheese oyster. I don’t normally eat oyster but that was special. Besides that food, the view was good dining by the bay. You probably have a better view during the day time.

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That was a sumptuous dinner. We head back to the place where we got dropped off. They brought us to the other place for mango glutinous rice. It’s where they always got it and bring it to Singapore just for us. I love their mango sticky rice and it’s cheap. They bought quite a bit and it’s only SGD 8. We brought it back to our hotel, slowly enjoyed it. That’s about it for the first day in Pattaya.



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