Japan 9 Days 8 Nights Trip (Last Day)

The only plan on the last day of trip was to make sure everything on the shopping checklist was ticked. If not, there’s still a last minutes shopping. Of cos, that’s provided if your flight back home is at late evening. Our flight was at 8PM. Hence, we had half the day to shop before leaving for Narita Airport.

Our breakfast was at MacDonald near our hotel. You must be wondering why MacDonald. That’s because they sure different food in different countries. We had something that weren’t serve in Singapore which is Pork Burger. If I didn’t remember wrongly, it’s about the same price as Singapore or slightly pricer. It’s not too bad. Well, how wrong can it goes right.

After breakfast, we head to Isetan @ Shinjuku. It only opens at 10:30AM and we were there slightly earlier. To my surprise, there were actually quite a bit of people queuing up to go. Guess what, they were go heading to the same store (Issey Miyaki Bao Bao). There was a long queue at a temporary store. Where did the people went in from?? Clueless. Anyway, my Fiance’s mum wanted to get a bag there but decided to give it a miss because we didn’t have much time.  The queue time was better spent at some other places. We had a great buy at Uniqlo because it’s cheaper here as compared to Singapore. Probably about 30% cheaper. I bought a few under garments. Over there, it was selling at SGD 3.90 and Singapore is selling SGD 9.90. See the difference. But that depends on the exchange rate. Apart from that, I bought a couple of pants @ SGD 20+ which Singapore is selling at SGD 49.90. Happy with my last minute shopping loots.

It’s about time for lunch after shopping. Tonkatsu Wako 和幸 was where we had our lunch. Can’t exactly remember where it was located but it’s somewhere near the super big uniqlo in Shinjuku. It was quite a big portion with lots of meat. Thank goodness, we ordered for sharing else I would be wasting food again. Taste wise, it wasn’t too bad but it’s not unique to be remembered.


We head back to our hotel for final pack up. Luckily, luggage was huge enough to stuff everything in. Packing was done at hotel lobby as we had our hotel room checked out before heading off. Ok, about time to head off to the airport. We head to Narita Airport through the same way we arrived in Tokyo.

Everything was good in Japan. Hope to see you soon, Japan!



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