Japan 9 Days 8 Nights Trip (Day 6)

Trip at Osaka was a short one. We left on the third day and took Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo. Before leaving, we had breakfast at Jim Beam Cafe somewhere near the train station. There wasn’t much choices because it was still early when we arrived. We had plenty of time left after our breakfast. We walked around looking at those closed stores and waiting for them to open so we can buy something up to the train. Actually, we were just waiting for the Glico Pretz store (Pritta) to open because we wanted to try their products which cannot be found in Singapore. They opened at 10 AM and we were their first customer. We bought 2 flavour, curry and cheese. Other than that, we also bought cake from VIA. It’s nicely packed that I can resist from not getting it.

I had a good 2 hours sleep from Osaka to Tokyo. It was about 1ish in the afternoon when we reached Tokyo. From Shinkansen station, we took a train to Shinjuku station. Based on Hilton site, they mentioned that shuttle bus is available from Shinjuku station to Hilton Hotel. We got lost while searching for the bus stop where the shuttle bus picked up. Based on Hilton site, it states that the shuttle bus picks up Bus Stop No. 21 in front of Keio Departmental Store. When we exit the train station, we saw a big Keio sign which was a distance away where we had to cross a bridge. Walking such a long distance with luggages during summer time was no joke, I swear. And the worst thing was we head towards the wrong direction and we ended up walking back to the train station. In fact the Keio Departmental store that Hilton site mentioned was just above the train station. We only realized after asking the security guard. Lesson learned, don’t know just ask. Exhausted to the max. Almost melted under the sun. Finally, the shuttle bus came. By shuttle bus, it took about 5-7 minutes to reach the hotel.


View from Bus Stop No. 21

Hilton hotel in Tokyo wasn’t that good, in terms of facilities, as compared to Hilton Osaka. I felt that the room was not really well maintained. Anyway, we had a short rest after checked in and head out for late lunch at Ichiran. From our hotel, we took the shuttle back to Shinjuku station and took a 10 minutes walk to Ichiran. We asked for directions and turned on Google map. You will pass by a huge UNIQLO store if you took the same route as us. At such an odd hour, there’s queue but it moved very quickly. So this is what you should when you reach Ichiran.

  1. Walk down to the basement
  2. Make your order through the machine
  3. Collect your ticket and join the queue

The waiting time was about 30 minutes. I realised most of the people in the queue were tourists. We had 4 people but we split up to be seated 2 by 2. After being seated, we passed the piece of order sheet received from the machine to the person in the kitchen right in front of us and they started to prepare our order. We were served with an egg followed by our Ramen. The egg was supposed to go with the salt provide but I put it inside my ramen. The texture of the ramen was perfect and the soup was tasty. And if you need more noodle, simply order it through the order sheet on the table and pay at your seat. 30 minutes but worth the wait. They do sell instant ramen. If you are lucky, you will get it. We wanted to purchase some back but it’s out of stock. Thanks.

Ichiran Address

Peace Building B1F 3-34-11 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo-to 160-0022
一蘭 新宿中央東口店, Japan, 〒160-0022 東京都新宿区 新宿3丁目34-11

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Our next destination, Tokyo Sky Tree. From Shinjuku station, we took JR Sobu Line to Asakusabashi and change to Toei Asakusa Line for Oshige. From the station, it took about 5 minutes to reach Tokyo Sky Tree. Not to worry you will get lost as there are sign boards that lead you to the destination. I was shocked by the queue but it moved very quickly as there’s many counters serving. The entrance fee to get up was 1030 YEN for each adults. We took a lift that brought us up to 350th floor. We waited quite a while for the lift. It came down but the staff didn’t allow us to board the life. She told us that there’s a mild earthquake. Wow, not bad. Safety precaution checked.

Sky was cleared and we had a pretty good view from the 350th floor. Is it crowded? The crowd was dispersed so there’s no issues with finding a space to admire the entire view. At different parts, there were boards that identify the places that we were looking from that angle. I don’t know if you can remember but I can’t 😀 There’s a staircase that brought us down by a level. On that level, there’s a glass panel floor that allow you to look down to the ground floor. It’s freaking high. You might end up having wobbly legs if you are scared of heights. Warning! Haha.

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It’s about tea time. We decided to head to the cafe on the 349th level. It was quite packed but we were lucky enough to get a window’s seat. Their pastries were not bad but not fantastic. Nothing to complain about with the good view.

Tokyo Solamachi (東京ソラマチ) is located right below Tokyo Sky Tree. It’s quite a big shopping more divided into different section. I would say it’s quite difficult to navigate around. Grab a map and solve all problems. Most stores have sell products that are exclusive at Tokyo Sky Tree. No, it’s not cheap. I bought a bottle of mineral which comes in the shape of Tokyo Sky Tree and that cost about SGD 4. Tokyo Banana sells chocolate flavour that is exclusive at Tokyo Sky Tree and I decided to bring them home with me 😀 Oh yes, don’t forget about Onisuka Tiger. It’s cheaper as compared to Singapore. I got mine at SGD 90. For more shops, please refer to Tokyo Solamachi website.

 Level 6 and 7 of East Yard were all the restaurants. 19 to pick from and we decided to go for KITCHEN JO’S (Japanese-Style Western Food). Because we were still full from our dessert, 2 ordered 2 plates of curry rice for 4 people. It didn’t came in a big portion. If I didn’t have my dessert that late, I could have finished one portion by myself. Anyway, the curry was good. It’s a more watery kind of curry (not diluted) compared to other Japanese curry. If you love curry, you should try this. 


From Oshiage Station, we took Hanzomon Line towards Chuorinkan to Otemachi. From Otemachi Station, we took Marunouchi Line towards Ogikubo line to Nishi Shinjuku Station and we took a 4 minutes walk back to our hotel. It was very near. Take the same route if you miss the shuttle bus from Shinjuku station. End of first day in Tokyo. Goodnight!



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