Japan 9 Days 8 Nights Trip (Day 5)

Second day of Osaka was planned by a staff in Glico. Well, it’s for business purpose. We head to Glico main office early in the morning. Glico has a pretty office with gorgeous view. Looking out of the window glass, you will see Ferris Wheel. While my Fiance and his mum went for meeting, I had coffee at the lobby cafe. Goodness, the meeting lasted for 2 hours and sat there for 2 hour with a cup of coffee. The Glico staff told me that there are some shopping centre nearby but I was too lazy to walk around under the sun.


Tick Tok, Tick tok….. 2 hours passed and we were finally heading out for lunch. Kevin, our friend, brought us for lunch at がんこ 阪急東通店 (a Japanese Restaurant) walkable distance from Glico Main Office. Traditional Japanese style of eating where you sit on the floor. Instead of crossing your leg, you can put your legs down under the table just like normal seating. They serve set lunch and a la carte meal. Ladies, do not that the set meal comes in quite a huge portion. I ordered the set lunch but didn’t manage to finish. Generally, the food and ambience were good. Worth trying. Do try their sour plum sorbet. It’s really refreshing.

After lunch, we bid Kevin goodbye and head off to Glico Museum located far from the city where Japan Glico products are produced.The journey to Glico Museum was approximately 1.5 hours and I slept through. It is an industrial area where many other factories are located. Got down the van and it’s time for Glico Tour! I ate free pocky for so many years but it’s my first time visiting their production site. I’m not too sure how people get there without driving. Glico probably has it’s own shuttle bus that fetches people to their museum.

We were first brought to an introductory room where the tour guide explained the history of Glico in Japanese. I had no idea what she’s talking about but she speaks really well. I was just wondering if all Japanese speak so fast and fluent. For every station, the tour guide stopped and explained (in Japanese). We had one of the Glico staff who followed us there to translate what the lady was talking about. To sum up, this museum let people understand how Glico products evolved and exhibit the production like of Glico’s products. At the end of the tour, there’s a souvenir shop that sells special edition Glico products. And if you like jelly coffee, you might want to try the one produced by Glico through the vending machine. It’s pretty good.

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Right outside of Glico Museum, there’s a Glico concept mini van. It’s damn cute.  The roof has a huge pocky display. The interior is all customised with Glico theme. Can I drive it home? 😀


That’s the end of Glico tour and we went back to Hotel before heading out for dinner with Mr Ezaki, the founder of Glico. The last time was 6 years ago when I first went for Japan. This time round, he brought us to one of the Hanagatami, a fine dining Japanese restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Osaka. All our seats were assigned. Once we were seated, the staff started to explain the items listed in our set menu. Don’t worry, they do have staff knows how to speak in English. There were a total of 5-6 dishes including desserts. Again, the food was good especially the beef. I’m not too sure how much it cost but I think it’s pretty expensive. This was the last activity of the day. Bye!

Mr Ezaki


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