Japan 9 Days 8 Nights Trip (Day 3)

Our last full day in Hokkaido. Again, we booked a full day tour [P] from Chuo Bus Tour agency which covers Farm Tomita, Blue Pond and Biei. That cost us 28800 yen per pax. The pick up time was 8:20 but we were required to reach 20 minutes earlier. Before we left for the tour, we had breakfast at Cafe Croissant Royal which we could find in day 2. Freshly baked croissant, so good! They open at 7am for the office crowd.


The journey to our first destination, Biei, took about 2.5 hours. Not to worry there is no toilet as the bus driver will stop at a resting area for 15-20 minutes. Upon arrival at Biei, the driver drove around the patchwork road. Apparently, it’s one of the famous attractions. It’s beautiful. I took a few photos from inside of the bus as the driver didn’t stop for us to get down. Well, I think those few photos are good enough.


The first drop off point was at Hokoseino-oka Observatory Park, a place surrounded by patch work. It’s a photo worthy place. The place was crowded but not to the extend that we can’t take a proper photo. In fact, I took quite a few.

DSCF0327 DSCF0332 IMG_7934 IMG_7935

We had about 30 minutes before left for the next destination, Blue Pond. We walked quite a distance before reaching the Blue Pond. Please don’t wear heels if you are going there because the walking in portion might kill you legs. I can’t see what’s so fanciful about the Blue Pond except that it’s blue. Nothing much over there but to see the pond and walked on tiny rocks. Furthermore, it’s summer time!

DSCF0339 IMG_7947 IMG_7955

OH YES, finally lunch time (included in the tour). Our lunch was located inside Goto Sumio Museum. The food was good and it was served to us upon seated. He probably knew I was hungry 😀 The cafe probably survived on tourist because I don’t see any other locals dining in. Enjoying life with a bottle of wine.

DSCF0345 DSCF0349

1hr 30mins for our lunch but we only took 45 minutes. Took a walk outside after lunch and capture a few windows worthy photos. I love the landscape which I don’t get to see in Singapore. There’s a shop that sells Hokkaido Ice Cream. We tried. It’s not bad but I can’t taste the difference between normal soft served ice cream and Hokkaido ice cream.

DSCF0360 IMG_7968

Hopped on the bus and arrived at the last destination of the day, Farm Tomita. I’ve seen it online and it’s pretty. So we booked the tour looking forward to this attraction. I got shocked by the crowd when I got down the bus. Anyway, the place looked exactly minus the crowd. Flowers of different colors are planted in rows. By walking further down, there is a flower shop. There are 2 sections to the flower shop. One part of it sells dried flower, the other sells lavender related products (eg. Body lotion, soup, body mist). If the weather is too hot, grab an ice cream nice door! Oh yes, Farm Tomita only during Jul to late Aug if I’m not wrong. Please check before heading there

DSCF0368 DSCF0369 DSCF0377 DSCF0384 IMG_7989

We left the place at 5:45pm and reached back Sapporo at 7:30pm. Time to hunt for food. We went up to 19th Floor (I think so) of BIC C Mall. There are quite a number of cafes and restaurants. No idea what to eat and most of them didn’t have a queue. Hence, we random popped into one ramen store named “Sora” because they seemed to have to most customers. I know, typical tourist. It’s nice and the price is reasonable.

DSCF0407 DSCF0409 DSCF0413 DSCF0414

After dinner, we had coffee and dessert at La Maison located in BIC Mall. Well, their dessert ain’t that fantastic. End of Day 3. Bye!


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