Japan 9 Days 8 Nights Trip (Day 2)

Good morning Day 2! We booked a half day tour from Chuo Bus Tour to Otaru and Shirioi Kobito Park. If you are interested in these 2 places, you might want to check out Tour J (Shiroi Koibito Park and Exploring Otaru  Tour). The price for each adult is 4,400 YEN and 2,350 YEN for kids.

We were supposed to gather at Sapporo Bus Terminal at 11:20AM. Not too early and there’s still time for us to look for breakfast place. We left hotel at about 9AM without knowing where to have our breakfast. That’s when google comes in place. No. Google comes in place for everything. HAHA. I found one croissant cafe that looks pretty good and opens at 7AM but we didn’t manage to find it. Instead, we hopped in to one cafe named Coffee The Moment (if I’m not wrong) located at ESTA. If you can’t find, there are other cafes that open pretty early. Not much choices but better than nothing.  We had sandwich, thick toast and coffee to start our day. That’s the way life should be but I’m too young to do that everyday!

DSCF0180 DSCF0182

Most stores were ready for business when we were done with our breakfast. Walked around the area for better digestion. In Japan, convenient stores’ business are really good. You will see people queuing up to bill their convenient breakfast. We don’t see that happening in Singapore. Either most people don’t eat breakfast, have at home or at coffee stall.

Most of the apparels stores were having discount. Happened to see a store with pretty clothes but nicer ones were without discount. I would say they were expensive. I didn’t buy any but fiance’s mum bought quite a few.

While getting through BIC Camera to get to bus terminal, we found out that Ray Ban Shades in Japan were much cheaper compared to Singapore. Aviator cost about 160 SGD while the cheapest you can get in Singapore is 200 SGD. Worth the buy. Actually, daily necessities are about 40% cheaper. Buy it if your baggage allows.

Was feeling bored while waiting so I went outdoor to take some photos.


First destination was to Otaru. The journey to Otaru was about an hour by bus. If you are not following tour, you can actually head there by the JR line and alight at Otaru station. The tour bus dropped us some where near the Otaru Bus Terminal which I don’t exactly know where it was. We were given 2 hours of free time and meeting point was back at the same place.

We walked our way to the Otaru famous canal. There were a few tour groups there and it’s a challenge to take a picture without any one behind you. But people come and leave quickly, just got to wait a short while. Frankly speaking, there’s nothing special about the canal but winter would have a prettier view.


While walking along the street, we found this huge tako yaki ball at the opposite side of the canal and decided to give it a try. It’s so huge that I had no idea how to start eating and it’s so tongue burning. It was a mess eating but it’s good! LOL

DSCF0198 DSCF0223 DSCF0224Thereafter, we stopped by another melon store. They had some tables and chairs set up along the road side for melon eater. It’s good, isn’t it? Of cos! Because one slice of melon cost 700 YEN. Like really expensive. With 7 SGD, we can buy one whole melon in Singapore. Though it’s expensive, it’s delicious. Different melons have a different degree of sweetness. The sweeter it is, the higher the cost. We ended up ordering 4 plates of 2 slices.

DSCF0232 DSCF0235

Time for some proper meal. Randomly picked a Japanese restaurant which I’m not too sure how to pronounce. It’s some where opposite of the melon stall. We ordered a plate of sushimi, sushi and hotdog. Generally, the food were good and affordable. The total bill was about 40 SGD.

DSCF0238 DSCF0241 DSCF0244 DSCF0245

We walked past this super huge enticing dessert shop called LetAO that sell cakes and ice cream. I love Japanese packaging. Their products are so nicely packaged that makes me feel like buying everything. It’s so presentable as a gift. But I got to be frank, not all of their food are nice so get cheated by their packaging! We only got 2 cups of ice cream topped with cake. Their ice cream tasted very milky. If you like milk, you will love it. If you hate milk, better not try it.

DSCF0246 DSCF0247 DSCF0249

Right beside, they have another store that sells snacks made of chocolate. We went in without having any intention to buy any buy came out with a big bag. Their cereal cookies coated with chocolate is good. There’s tax refund for this provided if you buy above certain amount. Can’t remember how much.

It’s about time for another destination, Otaru Canal Terminal. We had already covered that place on our own. There’s a cafe in Otaru Canal Terminal and we sat there for our afternoon tea.


Last destination of the tour was Shiroi Koibito Park (Sapporo), the place that I was looking forward to. We were not required to pay any entrance fee because it’s already been covered in the tour. Their factory was opened for tour and you can see the processed of producing the final product but doesn’t include making of the chocolate and the crust. Good experience. There is a cafe at the highest level but I think it’s mostly packed. We didn’t get the time to try because there’s limited time given. Like typical tourist place, the exist leads us to their store. We bought a lot of white chocolate biscuits because that is what’s popular there. Oh, we also bought their cake to try. It looked so nice that I couldn’t resist the temptation.

DSCF0265 DSCF0273 DSCF0274 DSCF0277 DSCF0280 DSCF0284

Outside of the store is a beautiful garden. Our remaining 20 minutes was spent outside taking lots of photo.

IMG_7803 IMG_7808 IMG_7869 IMG_7883

That was this end of the tour and we alighted at the clock tower, another famous tourist spot. It is the symbol of the city. Every hour, the chimes can be heard.


We took a few photos there and had our dinner around that area. It’s called 町のすし家 四季 花まる 時計台店. Surprisingly, there was a long quite and we waited for about 25 minutes. The food was average. We expected something better because people queued for it. Anyway, it’s good enough to fill up our stomach.


Other than the clock tower, there’s one TV tower (observation deck). It’s a mini version eiffel tower 10 minutes away from the clock tower. It’s beautiful at night. Don’t think that’s a touristy place because I don’t see many people there. Good place and timing for photo taking. 😀 That’s the end for day 2!



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