Japan 9 Days 8 Nights Trip (Day 1)

Because of an additional day of public holiday in Singapore, we decided to visit Summer Japan. We took a midnight flight on the 31st July 2015 to Tokyo. Simply love midnight flight because I don’t have issue falling asleep. 7 hours of flight but I didn’t manage to complete a single movie.

We arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 1 at 7am. For everyone’s welfare, my fiance reserved a GAC Pocket Mifi a week before flying and the pocket wifi was being posted to the post office in Narita Airport Terminal 1. I think getting the wifi is a good deal. It cost about 6980 YEN for 9 days with 4 people using it. Totally worth it. To get to the post office, turn left upon exiting the arrival gate. Look for a lift that bring you up to level 4 and walk towards the right side. Post office is somewhere around the corner. Check with the security guide if you are unable to find the post office.

Check out the Pocket Wifi here: GAC Pocket Mifi

From Tokyo, we took a domestic flight to Hokkaido. The transit time was about 5 hours. To get to domestic airport (Terminal 3) from Narita airport, we took the airport shuttle bus from bus-stop 6 right outside the airport. Note that there are 2 buses that stopped at that bus stop. One that brings you to only Terminal 2 and the other to terminal 3. Look out for the one that arrives at terminal 3.

It was too early for baggage check in and we found our way to some eatery place for breakfast. There were wide variety of Japanese food but no idea which is good and the problem with Japan is everything looks good! In fact, not everything is good. The fried Japanese noodle that we ordered was quite disappointing.I was expecting something better. Fortunately, we only order 1.

There’s still ample time to spare before our next flight. Shopping in terminal three is minimal. 30 minutes is enough to shop them all. Because there wasn’t anything much to do, we went to queue up for check in once the counter was open for check in. The queue moved really slow and they gave priority to customers who were late for their flight. Good job!

We took our flight at 12:55pm and arrived New Chitose Airport at 2:40pm. Our hotel (Aspen) was booked at Sapporo. From New Chitose Airport, we took a JR Line train to JR Sapporo station. At New Chitose Airport station, trains arrive at both side of the station and if you are heading to JR Sapporo station, train from both side can be taken. To JR Sapporo station, it was about 5 – 8 stations which cost 1070 YEN.



Weather was so good in Hokkaido. To get to Aspen Hotel from Sapporo station, look for north exit toward Hokkaido University. Walk towards Hokkaido University and cross over the road when there’s an intersection. Aspen Hotel is on the left hand side. Aspen is considered one of the better hotels in Hokkaido. In my opinion, the hotel is clean but looks a little old to me.

DSCF0131 DSCF0133

After settling down, we head to BIC Camera ESTA building in Sapporo bus terminal to pay for our night tour later in evening. We took a while to find the place. I hope you won’t get lost like us. Even if you do, just ask around. Anyway, we booked the tour online through Chou Bus Tour. Surprisingly, it’s not really expensive. For night tour, we went for “Sapporo Night View Dinner Tour” which covers Mt Moiwa and Mt Okura. That cost 5000 YEN per adult.


The tour set off from Sapporo Bus Terminal at 6pm sharp. The first destination was to Mt Moiwa. I’ve did some homework and found that this is one of the tourist attraction with fabulous view when the sky is cleared. I thought the weather was alright till I got up half way in the cable car. Oh shit, could’t see a single thing. Went up only to enjoy the cooling weather. If you are planning to go there, you might want to check out the weather forecast before planning on which day to go. Here’s my beautiful photos 😀
DSCF0138 DSCF0144 DSCF0147

We were only given half an hour to stay at the top but I think that’s good enough because we couldn’t see a single shit. LOL.

Mt Okura Ski Jump Stadium was our next destination. That was where we had our Mountain view dinner. We were seated off from the window, so there’s no mountain view for us. Lamb Genhis Khan buffet was served for our dinner. Eat as much as you can if you love lamb. If you don’t, they have other menu for you but pay out of your own pocket money. I would say the lamb was not bad because it’s smell wasn’t that strong. Not a fans of it but don’t mind having it. We took about an hour for dinner and the other half an hour it’s for photo time. Beside the ski area, there isn’t anything around the area. The place is isolated. Wondering if anyone goes up without following tour. I mean not including those that drives.

DSCF0165 DSCF0166 DSCF0167 DSCF0177

Two location and that was the end of our tour. We had an option to alight at Sapporo Clock Tower or Sapporo Bus Terminal. No plan in visiting Sapporo Clock Tower that day. So we alighted at the Bus Terminal and walked back to our hotel. Felt really tired and just wanted to jump onto the bed and sleep. Goodnight!


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