Taiwan 6 Days 5 Nights Trip (Last Day)

Procrastinated for too long and i’m finally back to update my last day in Taiwan. Few hours before our flight, we went to Xi Men Ding for Ru Rou Fen! Not too sure when we will be back again. Xi Men Ding is a ghost town during the day time. Ah Zong Mian Xian was the only store of tourist queuing. Tian Tian Ji wasn’t as packed as night time. Most customers during day time were mostly college student because it’s cheap and good. Don’t ever missed it if you are heading to Taiwan. My fiance was telling me how nice it was but I was doubting. After trying, no more doubts. Other than the taste of the food, I think I need to set your expectation for the store cleanliness. Don’t expect it to be clean because I saw¬†cockroaches lying around. It’s dead so not too bad.


Had a walk around the area after lunch hoping to find more stuff to buy. No, didn’t manage to get anything. There’s nothing around the area and couldn’t head too far from our hotel. We decided to head back and collect our luggage. 2 more hours before the taxi picked us up from the hotel, we sat down in Agnes b cafe. Had some cake, ice chocolate and my e-book. This is what we called life. Enjoy before reality hits me again. My 3 weeks of long vacation ended here. I would say I had a great time travelling.




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