Taiwan 6 Days 5 Nights Trip (Day 3)

I have seen many people posting beautiful photos of Cingjing and it’s time to experience it myself. On the third day of our trip, we left Taichung for Cingjing. Our transport was booked online with OK bus which picked us up from the hotel to Cingjing Minsu. To make a reservation with OK bus, you can do it through their website http://www.cingjingbus.tw/english/reservation.html. After submission of the form online, the staff will contact you through email to arrange for payment. One day before the reserved date, please call up the company to confirm your attendance. Do note that there’s a schedule for the pick up time. We selected 10:30 AM but the driver was 20 minutes late due to bad traffic. There was a group of Singapore in the van heading to Cingjing as well. Well, it’s always good to see people of your country when you are overseas. At least for me haha.

The journey from Taichung to Cingjing was about 2 hours.In between the journey, the driver will stop at some kiosk station for toilet break. Outside the kiosk station, there were windows background worthy photos.

DSCF9771 DSCF9772 DSCF9774 One hour later, we arrived at Starry Minsu. We were the last one to alight because Starry Minsu is located at the top of the mountain. The small little road the brought us to the Minsu was damn scary. The road was so narrow and there’s no barrier. I gotta say the driver is really skillful. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the driver was real friendly. Along the way, he introduced us the places and their famous local food. It’s called “Ang Aa Ge”, chicken cooked in their local style. I managed to remember the name because one of the aunty in the same van pronounced it as “Ah Ma Ge”, grandmother chicken. Do look for it when you are there.

Don’t expect the minsu to look modernized because it’s a minsu. I would say Starry Mingsu lobby didn’t look appealing but they have a fabulous view of the mountains. Falling in love with it. The room was not ready when we arrived. We left our luggage in the lobby and the owner of Starry Minsu fetched us down to Qing Qing Cao Yuan, the place of meh meh. Yes, Starry Mingsu does provide shuttle to the attractions. On the way there, he pointed out the attractions around the area.


He alighted us at the entrance of Cing Cing Cao Yuan. There’s an eatery area right outside. I think that’s the only place around the area where we could grab some stuff for lunch. Don’t expect many varieties because there isn’t. Edible and enough to fill up our little tummy.


Time to visit the sheep! I love the place because it’s peaceful, cooling, scenic and plenty of fresh air. In Cing Cing Cao Yuan, you will experience a close interaction with the sheep. Vending machine (for sheep foodie) can be found at every corner. Get some food and feed the sheep! Oh yes, becareful when you walk because the sheep poop poop are all over the grass.

IMG_3778 IMG_3790 IMG_3793 IMG_3808 IMG_3811 IMG_3826 IMG_3835

As you walk, you will see a store selling souvenirs and ice cream made if cow or sheep milk. I wanted to buy cow milk ice cream but I accidentally took the sheep milk once. The smell was way too strong. I didn’t enjoy eating.


At 3:45PM, there was a horse performance. We didn’t know the way there but we followed the crowd. I’m sure that’s what everyone did. Ok, I wouldn’t say it’s a horse performance. It’s more like human performing while riding the horse. The horses just went round and round. Their horses are beautiful.


My photos will bring you around the other parts of Cingjing (:


IMG_3922 IMG_3875 IMG_3888 IMG_3893 IMG_3907 IMG_3911 IMG_3916

It’s about time we head back to our Mingsu. We slowly walked down to the waiting area that the owner told us. It was quite a distance away but we managed to reach there on time (5PM). Last one to reach and everyone was waiting for us to depart.

Our room was ready to check in and the sun was about to set. Perfect timing. Their room was better than expected. It was really clean and it didn’t look that old. The only thing I didn’t like was the bed. It came with heater but it was too hard. Their water heater took a while to heat up so remember not to point the shower head towards you immediately. If not, you will be freezing.


Came out of the room for sunset. Do keep yourself warm while watching. A bottle of beer and a perfect view. I tried taking time lapse of the sunset but failed because my hands were too shaky. At least, I captured the most beautiful moment.

IMG_3939 IMG_3946

IMG_3930 IMG_3950

Though the room was rather expensive, they had dinner included. I would think there’s a need to include meals because there’s no way we could head out for our own dinner. Many would think that their dinner wouldn’t be that fantastic but Starry proofed us wrong. Steamboat was served for our dinner. Trust me, their steam boat tasted so good.

IMG_3952 IMG_3955

Return back to our room, took a shower, hid under the blanket and goodnight!



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