Hong Kong 6 Days 5 Nights (Day 5)

Good job to my sister. She had an hang over after our drinking night. She woke up hugging the toilet bowl. We woke up damn early planning to go Sai Kung North, Tai Po located slightly off Hong Kong Island if I am not wrong. I knew we wouldn’t make it looking at her condition but I still managed to grab my breakfast from nearby MacDonald before heading back to hotel and returning back to sleep. Anyway, I found out about that place from my fiance’s brother Instagram and it looked pretty awesome which I think it is because it got a rating of 4.5 stars on tripadvisor.

Sai Kung (From Google)

Sai Kung (From Google)

Finally she woke up feeling perfectly fine. Full of energy and appetite after throwing out everything. We head to Yee Shun Milk Company, located along Nathan road towards Mongkok, for breakfast. The concept of the cafe is similar to Australian Dairy Co. I didn’t heard of it until my friend told me about it. Apparently, it’s one of the famous cafe in Macau. Well, we got seated immediately when we reached. There wasn’t any queue unlike Australian Dairy Co. Hence, I would think it’s not that well known in Hong Kong Island. We ordered Ham Macaroni (yes, again) and Egg Sandwich. It’s not bad but I would still prefer Australian Diary Farm especially for the sandwich. This could be an alternative if you are lazy to queue. Btw, they do have a few outlets.

Yee Shun Milk Company

Address: 513 Nathan Road, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 12:00am – 12:00pm


Yee Shun Milk Company Menu

Breakfast Set

Breakfast Set

Look at her

Look at her

There are times when you just want to get away from the busy city and that was our day. No shopping, just nature. No idea where we could go so google came handy like it always does. AND…. I found Hong Kong Wetland with good reviews. So off we went. We navigate our way there using google map. We took MTR to Admiralty (West) (Admiralty Railway Station). From, there we took Bus no. 967 using Octopus card. Don’t worry that you will get lost because there’s sign notifying passenger which station they are at. The ride there was about 40-50 minutes. When we alighted, we took the overhead bridge to get over to the other side of the road and head towards the right side to get to the entrance of Hong Kong Wetland Park. To go in, we paid HKD 15. It’s not expensive. It’s a place that’s suitable for adults and children where they can learn some educational stuff about ecology. During winter time, you will get to see those rare species bird flying from the north. Besides that, it’s a photo worth place to go.

Hong Kong Wetland Park

Address: Tin Shui Wai Village, Yuen Long District,Hong Kong, China
Opening hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Seriously waiting for bus

Seriously waiting for bus

IMG_3408 IMG_3413 IMG_3432 IMG_3460 IMG_3469 IMG_3471 IMG_3481 IMG_3487 IMG_3498 IMG_3507


We strolled around the park for about 3 – 4 hours before taking the bus back to Admiralty. It was about time for dinner when we reached the city. I suggested to go for Four Season Claypot rice since we missed it the other time. The queue was freaking long and it’s dinner time but we went ahead to queue for it because we had plenty of time to spare. Well, the weather was so good that I didn’t mind queuing for it. We queued for about 1 hour 20 minutes!! It better be good. I’m not one we love claypot rice but the fragrance and texture of the rice was so good. We saw a lot of people ordering Oyster pancake and it looked good. Didn’t order because we wouldn’t be able to finish for sure. Shall try it the next time round.

Four Season Claypot Rice

Address: 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei  油麻地鴉打街46-58號

After dinner, we roamed around the area for a while and went back to hotel for an early rest.


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