Hong Kong 6 Days 5 Nights (Day 1)

Hong Kong, my first destination of 2015! Ticket was booked one month before when my sister asked if I wanted to go Hong Kong. I made the right decision to go because I had a long holiday during that period of time. My girlfriend came along with us. Here we went..

Our flight was at 7:20 AM and we reached the airport 2 hours before to perform a check in for our luggage. Thanks to my Fiance for fetching me there early in the morning. There’s ample of time left before the plane departs and that was when we started planning our itinerary for the day. I know it’s last minute but I kinda like it this way.


Doing last minute homework


We arrived in Hong Kong at 10.15 AM. Collected our luggage and took Airport Express to Hong Kong station, made a transit to MTR and alighted at Jordan station. That’s where Prudential Hotel is located. If you don’t own an Octopus pass, you can purchase it through the counter at HKD 180 for 2 ways trip. If you do, you can use your Octopus pass. The hotel was booked through Agoda at SGD 119 per night.


Reached Hong Kong safely


We did a check in upon arrival but that room wasn’t ready. So, we left our luggage with the receptionist and headed out for our breakfast. First destination of the trip, One Dim Sum located at Prince Edward. There was a queue when we arrived but it didn’t take very long for us to get a seat. For those who haven’t been there before, look for the staff to get a queue number and wait for your number to be called. We ordered quite a number of dishes but we managed to finish most of it except for the last dish which came very late. We barely touched it because it wasn’t to our liking. But generally, their dim sum are good.

One Dim Sum

Address: Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward 太子運動場道15號京華大廈地舖1-2號


One Dim Sum Menu


Barbecued Pork Bun, Deep Fried Dumpling in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Steam Chicken Rice w Mushroom


Last dish. Fried Egg Stick w Honey.


Time to eat!

Just in time for our room! Returned back to hotel to check in to our room with our luggage. Prudential hotel room is big, clean and we got ourselves a King size bed upon request. FYI, requesting of King size bed has to be done when booking.


Standard room with King size bed



Having insufficient sleep for the day, we decided to take a 2 hours nap before heading out for dinner. The bed was so comfortable that we had difficulty getting out. Haha.

We left our room at 6:30 PM for dinner at Yau Ma Tei which is one station away from Jordon. Hence, we decided to take a 7 minutes walk there. I love walking when the weather is so cooling. Anyway,  there’s a famous Four Season Claypot Rice located there and that’s the place that we were gonna have our dinner.

OMGosh, the queue was too long. Being lazy to queue, we went for the alternative. Not Hing Kee but Hung Fook Tong. We thought they were the same but no! Anyway, Hing Kee is another famous coffee stall for claypot rice. There’s a queue but it’s not as long as Four Season Claypot. Don’t try the wrong stall like we did!

At Hung Fook Tong, we ordered Fish ball and tofu soup, Pork Chop Claypot Rice and Black pepper clam. The Fish ball and tofu soup was tasteless. Other than that, the other 2 were not too bad. The cloypot rice might not be as fragrance as the one in Four Season Claypot.

Four Season Claypot

Address: 58 Arthur Street, Hong Kong



Black Pepper Clam

Black Pepper Clam

Pork Chop Claypot Rice

Pork Chop Claypot Rice

We were so hungry

We were so hungry

Fully charged now and ready for shopping at Mongkok. Again, we walked to Mongkok from Yau Ma Tei which took us about 15 minutes. Mongkok is really busy at night. There’s no issue if you start shopping at 9 PM because the stores open till late. That’s one of the reason why I love shopping there.

Mongkok shopping area is rather big. There’s a few shopping malls you can start with.

Argyle Shopping Mall (旺角中心) – There’s lots of clothes and shoes selling at low price. Ladies would love it here

Langham Place Shopping Mall – Lots of stylish clothes here but it’s slightly more expensive.

Ladies Market – Cheap stuff you can get. You can try to bargain for a lower price.

Sincere House – I think it’s located in Mongkok. This shopping mall sells lots of shoes of a better quality. And of cause, it’s expensive too.

Espirit Outlet – Their clothes are 50% off the retail price. Personally, I think the clothes look awful. Don’t mind my comments and do check it out.

For ladies, if you are a fans of Stylenada, they do have a newly open outlet there. For NIKE lovers, you should check out their NIKE store because it’s cheaper (store discount). I got my FlyKnit 4.0 at 899 HKD after discount and that’s about SGD 150. Singapore is selling SGD 213. However, I think not all items are cheaper. Checked out the sports bra, it’s about the same price as Singapore. So do check out the price in Singapore before going if you intend to buy.

Espirit Outlet

Espirit Outlet

Hong Kong Egglet

Hong Kong Egglet

FlyKnit 4.0

FlyKnit 4.0

Clothes from Argyle Centre

Clothes from Argyle Centre

Besides Dim Sum, Hong Kong is famous for their traditional dessert. We had no idea where is good for dessert at Mongkok. So, we googled for result. Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert (五代同糖) is one of the recommended ones in the list. Using Google Map, we navigated our way there. Guess what. The address given was wrong or maybe Google Map was wrong. It led us to some area off the shopping district with no 五代同糖 seen. Being lazy, we hopped into alternative store (糖堂) around the area. I wouldn’t recommend to go there because their mix fruit sago tasted really blend.


Address: Shop D, GF, Wai Fat Bldg, 96 – 102 Hak Po St. Kowloon


Mix Fruit Sago

Steam Milk and Mix Fruit Sago

Steam Milk and Mix Fruit Sago

Wefie before dessert time

Wefie before dessert time

Enough for the day and walked back to our hotel. We were drained out for the day. Even so, we enjoyed it 😀



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