Penang 4 Days 3 Nights (Last Day)

Time flies quickly especially during holiday. Well, there’s no way I can hold back the time. Only thing I can do is to make full use of the time left. Anyway, I received an email from Jetstar saying that our flight was be delayed by 1.5 hours. It was being changed to 1130PM from 0900PM. What’s there to do between our checkout time to 930PM??? We pretty much covered the main attractions. Hence, I decided to call up and checked if our flight could be changed to an earlier timing. Thank goodness, we were allowed to change without any charges. We got ourselves a 0530PM flight!

Day 4, I decided to join my family for breakfast at the hotel lobby. Eastern and Oriental serves typical hotel breakfast spread. Even so, it was pretty good. The room came with breakfast free for 3 pax which means that I was supposed to pay for the breakfast but it wasn’t charge in the bill when we checked out.  So, I got my breakfast for free.

What’s next? Eastern and Oriental Pool facing the sea! I love the sea so there’s no way I would miss it.  The water was freaking cold and I was trembling in the water. No swimming but soaked in water. It started drizzling after 20 minutes so we head back to our room to wash up and prepared for check out.

We had 1 more hour before Shan came to pick us up to the airport. Sister and I decided to head to the cat cafe located beside the Camera Museum. It was a ten minutes walk.

In the cat cafe, there’s 2 areas for customers to dine in. With the cat and without the cat. Obviously, I chose the one without the cat because I’m afraid of cats. The cats in the cafe are very well groomed. You can go ahead to hug and carry the cats in your arms. Apart from the cats, Cat Cafe serves nice rainbow cakes. I’m not too sure about other cakes because that’s the only cake we tried. They serve pies as well and it’s not too bad.





Enough of enjoyment and it’s time to return back to hotel. Our timing was perfect. When we reached our hotel, Shan was here to pick us up. Journey to the airport was about 20 minutes. Pretty short. We paid RM 40 for the trip.

That ends my trip in Penang. Goodbye


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