Penang 4 Days 3 Nights (Day 3)

Over loaded with food on Day 2 and I felt really guilty. Hence, I decided to wake up early for Gym while my parents and sister went for hotel breakfast. My decision was right. Eastern and Oriental gym is awesome. It is clean. Gym towel is provided. Warm towel is also provided for refreshment. Most importantly, it has a fabulous ocean view. The gym was pretty empty when I was there. Did a 10 minutes jogging and weight lifting for the remaining time. Stayed there for about an hour before my parents came in to call for me.


Weights Area


Refreshment Area



Before heading up to the our room, I went to have a peep at the poolside area and it looked exactly like the one shown in Agoda. Fantastic view for a swim. I turned around and told my sis “Let’s come down for a soak tomorrow”. Making full use of their facilities!


View from the pool

Got myself washed up and ready for breakfast. We decided to hire a cab for the day to fetch us around since my mum can’t walk too much. The cab driver that we hired was recommended by my boyfriend’s mum. He’s a nice and humble guy. Unlike those typical driver that will keep recommending you to factory outlet stores, he only fetched us to those places that we wanted to go. In terms of rates, he charged us at RM 30 / hour. We hired him for 8 hours starting from 1PM.


Driver’s Contact Number

First destination for the day was Toh Soon Cafe. It’s 9 minutes away from Eastern and Oriental Hotel. Toh Soon Cafe serves delightful traditional kaya toast and ice coffee. When I mentioned traditional kaya toast, I meant bread toasted in charcoal. It’s soft and crispy. It was packed when we arrived but we got a table pretty quickly. People eat and go because it’s not really a pleasant place to sit for long. Even though we got seated quickly, we waited for 15 minutes before the staff came to take our order. So “efficient”! Don’t expect their staff to be friendly because they aren’t. Anyway, we ordered their toast, soft boiled egg, ice coffee and milk tea. For the food to come, we waited for another 15 minutes. Efficiency equals to 0. But most importantly, we got our food!


Traditional way of toasting




Ice coffee


Milk Tea


Some kway


Our breakfast


Toh Soon Cafe

After breakfast, it was about time to head back to the hotel. Not long after we reached the hotel, Shan, the cab driver, reached our hotel. Our intended first attraction was Cheong Fatt Tzw Mansion. We arrived there at 1:15 PM but we missed the 1 PM tour. Hence, I requested Shan to fetch us to the Penang Peranakan museum which was not too far away from the mansion. That Peranakan was huge and gorgeous. From one look, you know that this family was really rich in the past. To go in, each adult will need to pay RM 20. Staff will be standing around the corner. They will approached and ask if you need a tour guide. It’s not chargeable but they would expect you to tip them. I think it’s worth the visit to this museum. When my parents stepped in, it reminded them of the olden days.


Dining Area


Living Room


Loads of Vase 


Olden Days Bed


Olden Days Kitchen

There’s still 30 minutes before Cheong Fatt Tze tour starts. I requested Shan to fetch us to Sunflower Homemade Pastry stall. It’s a shop I came about when researching on this Penang trip. Sunflower Homemade Pastry is famous for their Kue Lapis. Bought a few Kue Lapis and a loaf of butter cake back. I would recommend you to buy only their Kue Lapis because their butter cake didn’t taste good. It was too dry.


Sunflower Homemade Pastry

We knew that Penang is famous for their tau sar piah but had no idea where to buy. So, we asked Shan to recommend and he brought us to Kim Heang. It was indeed very famous. There was lots of people and the way they bought was as if it’s free. 10 20 boxes. We bought like 8 boxes. I thought the tau sar piah was nice and I would recommend you to buy from the store. Didn’t take any picture of it because it was raining heavily.

And finally to our second attraction, Cheong Fatt Tze. The last tour started at 3:30 PM and we managed to catch it. The entrance fee was RM 16. The tour guide explained about the history of Cheong Fatt Tze and how this mansion came about. The history was interesting but we didn’t get to see much in the mansion because the rooms are rented out. We could only tour in the common area. In my opinion, it doesn’t really worth the visit but I would recommend you to read up on the history of Cheong Fatt Tze.



Spent about an hour at the mansion and head up to Kek Lok Si Temple which closes at 6PM. There’s 2 alternatives to head up to the highest end of the temple. One is by tram, the other is by car. Being lazy, Shan drove us up to the peak. The slope up was really steep. At the peak, you will see a huge buddha statue. Took a few photos of the view and proceeded on to the next destination.


Buddha Statue


Very quickly, it’s dinner time. Again, I googled and a lot of people recommended Air Itam Laksa. It’s located near Kek Lok Si Temple. Hence, we went there before heading for Penang Hill. As a fans of Penang Laksa, I thought that it was not bad. BUT, there’s too much vegetables and too little noodles in the laksa. It would be better with more noodles and less vegetables. To my parents, it was a too sour for their liking. And, the sardine smell was too strong for them. My mum had a spoonful and gave up eating. Well, it’s subjective.


Penang Laksa


Air Itam Laksa

Penang Hill was the last attraction of the day. We arrived at about 6:30PM. Surprisingly, there were still a number of people queuing to go up for the tram. The slope up the hill was extremely steep. The journey up was about 5 minutes. It was pretty cold at the top of the hill. Approximately, 16 degree celsius. I would advise you to bring along a sweater if your cold tolerance level is low. So how’s Penang Hill? In terms of view, we could see anything because it was foggy. Attraction wise, there’s an owl museum there. Other than that, there’s nothing much. I would recommend to go in the day time in order not to miss the view of Penang.


Ticket to Penang Hill



We ended our day with lots of food. Because the Penang Laksa was too little for my parents, we decided to go for another round of dinner and Gurney Drive night market. We made the right decision. There’s lots of food and lots of people. We couldn’t get a seat and it’s drizzling. Hence, we packed all back to the hotel. I think we spent about an hour queuing up for the food. Char Koay Tiao had the longest queue. Queued for about 30 minutes in the rain, it better be good. Time to head back to the room for Food Party! The food that we bought were generally quite nice! That’s about it for the day (:



Wan Than Mee (Good)


Char Koay Tiao


Muah Chee


Char Koay Tiao Uncle


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