Australia Gold Coast 7 Days 6 Nights Trip (Day 6)

Realized that we didn’t really walk along the beach (Surfers Paradise) though our apartment was nearby. One of the reason was the extremely warm weather. I didn’t want to miss the beautiful sea view in Gold Coast. So, I requested to head to the beach before noon. Our plan was to go there early in the morning but ended up going at around 10 ish because we woke up slightly late. Though it was only 10 ish, we could feel the heat. To prevent ourselves from becoming too tan, we took a few photos and left the place. Love the sea, love the beach but not the sun.

2013-12-30 07.50.08

2013-12-30 07.51.53

2013-12-30 07.52.11

2013-12-30 07.52.17

2013-12-30 07.55.06

Baby girl and our parents were waiting for us before heading to the Dream World, the last theme park. Heard from my colleague, Dream world has the most extreme rides. Indeed, they have the most exciting rides as compared to the rest of the theme parks. The very first ride I saw from the entrance was roller coaster. Excited!

Before heading for any rides, we had lunch. I know, that’s not the right move. So, I ate only a slice of bread. As usual, the queue for those rides were long. The waiting time was approximately 30 minutes. The most extreme ride was probably the Big Drop. I didn’t dare to sit without company. What a waste…

2013-12-30 11.49.27

2013-12-30 11.50.09

2013-12-30 11.51.07

2013-12-30 12.02.17

2013-12-30 14.00.19

2013-12-30 14.25.58

2013-12-30 14.26.55

2013-12-30 14.27.45


Last destination of this trip was Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. That was my first time seeing real Koala. They are so cute and forever sleeping. They are always in the tree hugging position. In Currumbin, there’s a photo booth for you to take a picture with the Koala. We took a family shot with the Koala. In return, Koala pooed on my sister’s palm. Good job Koala. Besides Koala, there’s Wallaby and Kangaroo. Kangaroos are let free in the park and you can keep a close contact with them. Got to warn you, the area stinks. If you are heading there, do bring along insect repellent because there’s lots of mosquitoes. Apply before they suck your blood!

2013-12-30 15.00.32

2013-12-30 15.01.04

2013-12-30 15.09.05


Honey world is located right opposite Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are interested in Manuka honey, do get it from there because it’s much cheaper as compared to Singapore. Besides Manuka honey, they do sell many other kinds of honey. You get to taste them free flow before deciding whether to buy.

It’s new year eve, the last day of 2013 and my dad decided to cook a big feast. Right before dinner, my dad caught 2 crabs. Just in time for our dinner! 2013 has left me a good memories and I welcomed 2014 with my lovely family 🙂

2013-12-30 19.41.02

2013-12-30 20.13.08

2013-12-31 17.26.29

2013-12-31 17.26.49

2013-12-31 17.28.24

2013-12-31 17.52.00

2013-12-31 18.10.56

2013-12-31 20.07.10

2013-12-31 20.48.08

A glass of Moscato to welcome 2014!


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