Australia Gold Coast 7 Days 6 Nights Trip (Day 2 – Skydiving)

Second day was the most memorable part of the whole trip. My sister and I went for Skydiving at Byron Bay. I never thought that I would do such things in my life. I contemplated when my sister initiated this skydiving plan to me because I can’t imagine how it would be like jumping off from a distance so far off from the ground. I was pretty glad that I agreed to do it with her. You know you only live once (: We did a bit of research on where’s the best place for Skydiving. Apparently, reviews show that Byron Bay is a pretty cool place for Skydiving. All arrangements were made prior to our trip. The only thing we did was to call them to confirm our attendance.

2013-12-27 07.29.20

At 6:45 am, we waited at the pick up point for their staff to pick us up. The journey was 1 hour 15 minutes from Gold Coast to Byron Bay. I almost died during the ride because the mini van was so stuffy. The Air Con wasn’t on and there’s quite a number of people in the van. I opened up the window to let some fresh air in. I was pretty sure the others felt the same way as I did.

2013-12-27 08.38.04

2013-12-27 08.20.28

Finally, we arrived at our destination! We went to the counter to have our names registered so that arrangements could be made. Weight measurement is also required. I assume that is to assign tandem of the right weight for us. We waited for about 1.5 – 2 hours before we were called. Yes, that long. Was the wait supposed to calm us down? If it is, that really works. But only for a moment.

2013-12-27 09.17.11

2013-12-27 09.35.10

Before boarding onto the plane, one of the tandems demonstrated on how we should position ourselves at the point of jumping off. Any idea how we should position ourselves? Like a shape of banana. Lean your head back, position your leg in between the tandem’s leg and bend backwards. I know it seems awkward.

I was still feeling normal when it’s time to board the plane. BTW, video recording starts at the point of boarding the plane. As the plane got further and further from the ground, I started to feel nervous. I am pretty sure that’s normal. Haha. The higher it went, the faster my heart beats. When it reached 14,000 feet high, one by one started to jump off. I was the second last one to go. Above the cloud, legs outside and underneath the plane. I swear that was the scariest moment. Not kidding.  Just a gentle push, I penetrated through the cloud. A pull on the parachute, I floated in the air like a free bird. That was within a split seconds. No stress no worries. The only thing in mind was to enjoy the lovely moment while it lasts.














Though it was a short 15 minutes, I knew I made the right choice to do it. Skydiving marked the end of my 2013 (: Special thanks to my sister who made all the arrangement. You made it happen!

Back to Gold Coast at 2 ish and brother in law came to fetch us at our original pick up point. After a huge excitement, we needed some less exciting activity which was to shop! SO, we went to Robina Town Center. It’s a huge shoppping center. We shopped for 4 hours and bought a few items, mainly clothes and a pair of Havaianas. It’s 10 bucks cheaper as compared to Singapore for the normal ones.

Time to head back because all stores close at around 5:30pm. Daddy, the Master’s Chef cooked Pasta for Dinner. That’s about it for the day (:

2013-12-27 19.41.11

2013-12-27 20.07.33

2013-12-27 20.08.07



Cost: Approx SGD 500 (Inclusive of photos & Hand Cam Video)

Transportation: Provided (4 pick up points to choose from)

Feel free to enquire. Bye!


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