It was a total chillax day. We woke up at 11 AM to plan our itinerary for the day. After an hour, we decided to do some beach hopping by hiring a driver for 7 hours. This cost us about 1600 BAHT. We skipped Patong Beach (heard that it was really dirty) and started off with Kata beach followed by Karon Beach. After Karon beach, planned changed and we decided to head up all the way to Kamala and Surin Beach. In fact, all beaches look the same and they weren’t that clean either. If you are looking for clear blue sea, you should head to Similan or Coral Island. For that, it would cost about 3200 BAHT. Of course, there’s room for negotiation.

2014-03-30 15.23.41

2014-03-30 15.32.41

2014-03-30 15.33.52

2014-03-30 15.35.13

2014-03-30 15.37.30

2014-03-30 15.38.32

2014-03-30 15.44.00

2014-03-30 15.51.35

2014-03-30 15.51.43

2014-03-30 16.38.22

2014-03-30 16.39.01

2014-03-31 16.05.49

2014-04-01 20.05.17

2014-03-30 16.43.38

2014-03-30 16.44.08

2014-03-30 16.44.35

2014-03-30 16.44.58

2014-03-30 16.59.31

Perfect weather, Beautiful background

For each beaches, we stayed for about 15 minutes. We got so badly burnt from island hopping. Can’t afford to stay under the sun for too long. Snapped a few photos and off we went. (: We probably took about 2 hours to cover all beaches and it’s time to cool ourselves down. Do I sound like we walked a lot? Actually, we didn’t. Hahaha.

Based on TripAdvisor, Central Festival is one of the recommended shopping centre in Phuket. Yes, that was our next destination. No shopping but looking out for cafes to chill and we found iBerry! The waffles caught my attention. I’m a waffle lover!


2014-03-30 18.07.07

2014-03-30 18.07.36

2014-03-30 18.12.27

2014-03-30 18.16.35

No more waffles, Crepe for replacement (:

Our driver wanted to bring us to other places but we say no to all his recommendations. He must be damn pissed with us because there’s no commission earned. Don’t really care because he was kinda annoying..

Since it’s a Sunday, we shall not miss their Weekend night market. Agenda of this trip was to shop for food and not clothes. Even so, we still bought some.

2014-03-30 20.20.12

2014-03-30 20.20.53

2014-03-30 20.28.49

2014-03-30 20.29.34

2014-03-30 20.29.53

2014-03-30 20.38.44

2014-03-30 20.39.01-1

2014-03-30 20.40.48

2014-03-30 20.46.03

2014-03-30 20.46.35

I love Thailand street food (: But their mango sticky rice didn’t taste that good..

Time’s up for the driver. He asked if we wanted to extend the hour. We chose not to even though we were heading to somewhere else. He’s simply too annoying. Hence, we requested to send us back to our resort and took the resort shuttle service down to Patong Beach. Walked down the whole stretch and finally decided on a bar. It’s called New York Bar. Beer cost about 120 BAHT and cocktail cost about 180 BAHT. Live music was good. That’s how we spent our Sunday night. Goodbye (:


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