Thailand 10 Days 9 Nights Trip (Bangkok Day 4 LAST DAY)

It’s our last day in Bangkok!! Time flies very quickly. We checked out at 10AM, had our breakfast and headed down to Chatuchak Weekend Market.Chatuchak was especially hot as compared to other places. Do bring along a small umbrella if you are planning to shop for long. Chatuchak is a very big market which opens only on weekends. There are a lot of things to shop there. It’s so big that we couldn’t remember what were the lanes that we went in. Or maybe we are just a direction idiots. Opps. I guess it will take about 3-4 hours if you are really going to shop in every part of Chatuchak market. We were the express shopper. We headed out of Chatuchak within an hour because we couldn’t stand the hot weather. Furthermore, it was very stuffy when we walked in between lanes. We wanted to try their coconut milk ice cream before leaving. We kept searching for it but couldn’t find! When we were about to give up, the stall appeared right in front of us. Thank god. I missed it the last time but I found it this time round! It’s nice especially on an extremely hot weather. Do try it! It’s located along the main human road in Chatuchak Market. It can easily be seen. If you haven’t been to Chatuchak Market before, don’t get scare off by my comment. I would strongly recommend people to head there because there’s lots of stuff you can buy there. If the weather wasn’t that hot, we could have shopped the whole day!


Milk Ice Cream with Coconut


Chatuchak Weekend Market

Our next destination was Union mall. It’s located in the same area as Chatuchak Weekend Market. Initially, we thought that we could walk here but based on google map, it seemed to be quite a distance away. We went to ask the guard on the direction to Union Mall and he told us to take a train there. It would be quite far if we walked there. We ended up taking a cab there. It’s about 50 BAHT to get there. It’s our friend who recommended us to go Union Mall because there’s lots of heels. Ladies, you will love it there. Majority of the heels were less then SGD 20. I bought 2 pairs of heels and Vivian bought 3 pairs. It’s nice to shop for heels and flats but not clothes because they were slightly more expensive than those in the night market. Just head there to buy heels/Flats.


Union Mall 

We were still left with about 2 hours before heading to the airport. So……… we decided to do our last round of shopping in Platinum mall which means more clothes were added into our luggage. Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the temptation of shopping. With that 2 hours, we only shopped 2 levels. That’s how big Platinum mall is. We will come back again to shop the remaining levels.

It’s about time for us to head to the airport. We went back to the hotel to pack the newly bought clothes into our baggage. For the past 3 days, we came back to our hotel with our hands full of plastic bags. The hotel staff asked me, “How many baggages did you bring here and how many did you bring back?”. Actually, I went back with the same number of baggage. Haha. I bought a lot but I still managed to squeeze everything inside. Surprisingly, it’s still within the weight limit.


Vivian’s Baggages


This is mine

We got cheated by the taxi uncle who sent us to the airport. The taxi uncle told the hotel personel that he was going by meter. When we got on cab, we asked him to on the meter and he refused to do so. We argued with him and he kept emphasizing that he’s the driver. Okay, fine. So we asked how much was it. He said 500 BAHT. WTS, that’s freaking expensive. In the end, we settled with 400 BAHT. Felt so cheated. People, make sure the driver is willing to on the meter before hopping onto the cab. Don’t get cheated like us!

We reached the airport super early to avoid traffic jam. We went to Black Canyon Coffee for dinner before boarding the plane. Guess what, I ordered Pad Thai again. Not too bad as compared to the previous ones that I tried.

2013-05-04 17.26.06

Pad Thai

2013-05-04 17.26.12


2013-05-04 17.25.16

Chicken Rice?

2013-05-04 17.26.23

Thai Ice Milk Tea

Went to check in our baggage after dinner and went in to the departure hall. I wanted to get Packed Mango Stick Rice from the airport but it’s all sold out! Is it that nice? I shall try it next time when I return. While walking down to our gate, I saw Auntie Anne. Not that Singapore don’t have this store, but Singapore doesn’t sell sausage cheese bite! Have been wanting to try for the past 3 days but didn’t have the chance to do so. Cheese lover, you got to try this. It’s good!


Sausage Cheese Bite w Lemonade

It’s time to head home. Goodbye Thailand. We had lots of fun with you. See you next time 🙂


Goodbye Thailand!


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