Thailand 10 days 9 nights trip (Sukhothai Day 2)

Sukhothai is so small that we can actually tour the whole area in a day but we chose to do it in 2 days. We missed our breakfast on the second day because we woke up at 2PM!!! Half the day was gone but it’s nice sleeping till late. We got ourselves prepared and headed out for brunch or rather lunch. There’s no other place to eat other than the stretch of food stalls located next to Sukhothai Historical Park. Randomly picked a stall and settle down. We ordered Sukhothai noodle, Thai fried noodle and Thai ice milk tea. Who knows, Thai fried noodle = pad thai… Wanted to try something new but ended up ordering pad thai again. Nice. As usual, their food were very salty and the milk tea was too sweet. Too tasty for us.

2013-04-30 15.06.22

The roadside stall

Camera 360

The girl and the milk tea πŸ™‚

Camera 360

Our food!

Our next destination was Wat Si Chun. It’s along the journey towards Tak. Wat Si Chun has the biggest buddha statue in Sukhothai. To enter this temple, we paid 100 BAHT. The temples in Sukhothai seems to have a similar layout. There’s a few pillars in front of the Buddha. Not too sure what it signifies but you can go check it out. It is a very small temple where we finished touring in like 10 minutes.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Wat Si Chun

Continue with our journey to Wat Saphan Hin. We cycled for quite a while before we reached Wat Saphan Hin. Initially, we wanted to give up going to that temple because we cycled for quite long and didn’t see any sign that leads to Wat Saphan Hin. When we were about to make a U turn, the sign appears right in front of us. It’s quite a isolated place where no tourist cycled there. We were the only tourist there. Wat Saphan Hin is a temple where you can see beautiful sun set. We dropped the idea of watching sunset because we were afraid that we can’t get back to the resort before the sky turns dark.

We walked up a steep slope before reaching Wat Saphan Hin. Half way through, we saw 2 policemen headed up towards our direction. I have got no idea how they saw us. We didn’t care and continue walk up. I sat down on a stone when we reached the top. Too exhausted. And the 2 policemen continued walking towards us. Just in case they were up to something, Vivian took a rock and hid it behind her back. Learn to self protect. Luckily everything was good.

One of the policeman told us that that was a dangerous zone and he walked us up to the temple. He stayed there with us while we were busy taking photos and walked us down when we were done. Thank you policemen!

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Wat Saphan Hin was our last station. We cycled back to our resort and washed up before heading for dinner. I ordered the same thing for dinner πŸ™‚

Camera 360

Our room πŸ™‚

Camera 360

After dinner, we settled our bill and chit chat with the owner. Baan Rim Klong resort has been there fore about 3 years already but the owner shifted there 2 months ago. For the past 2 years plus, the resort was taken care by his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s family. He popped by at the resort every 2 months to help up. Before permenantly shifted to Sukhothai, he was working in Bangkok. Because the life in Bangkok was too hectic, he decided to shift to Sukhothai. It’s a really quiet and peaceful place but I can’t imagine staying there for the rest of my life.

2013-04-30 19.36.55

Our dinner

2013-04-30 20.14.31

The cat

2013-04-30 20.09.25

The owner

It’s about time for us to head to the bus terminal. Went back to our room to get our baggage and headed to the bus terminal. Goodbye Baan Rim Klong Resort (Sukhothai). We waited for our bus at the place where we bought our ticket. The bus didn’t come on the dot. It was late by about 5 minutes. I was so happy when I saw the bus. It’s a coach bus with plenty of space. Time for some rest. Goodbye Sukhothai!


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