Thailand 10 Days 9 Nights Trip (Chiang Mai Day 3)

Remained energetic on the third day of our trip. As usual, we started off our day with breakfast at the hotel. Normally, hotel won’t change the spread for a period of time but Suriwongse Hotel did! Okay, not all but at least the mains such as the noodle and rice. And as usual, we headed down to the lobby to wait for the van. By the way, it’s the whole day tour that I am talking about here 🙂 It started off at 0830 and ended at about 1700. The first stop was Chok Chai Elephant Camp which took us an hour to reach. When we arrived at the camp, we started with OX riding. I felt sorry riding on the OX because it seemed to be very painful. OXy, I’m so sorry. Luckily, it was a short ride. No scenery but just to let us experience OX riding. 2013-04-27 09.55.36

Chok Chai Elephant Camp

Camera 360

OX Riding

2013-04-27 10.16.26

Poor thing

The next activity was elephant riding. Before heading up to the elephant, we fed the elephants with bananas. Of cause, the banana don’t come for free. You have to purchase it at 20 BAHT for a bunch. We did not buy the banana. It’s a sweet Chinese couple that bought the banana for us to feed those elephants. Thanks to them 🙂 The banana that we got ain’t enough for the elephants. They need tons of bananas to fill their stomach. Anyway, it was my first time riding on an elephant. It was a good one time experience but it wasn’t comfortable riding on it. The path that the elephant walked on was so steep. We didn’t want to lay our feet on the elephant initially but we got no choice. If we don’t, we will probably fall off the elephant. The entire ride took about 20 minutes. We bought more bananas for the elephants after our ride. Thereafter, we headed down to the river side to watch the baby elephants shower. Baby elephants are so adorable! They learn how to perform too. Camera 360

Elephant riding

Camera 360

The baby elephant

Enough of elephant riding and it’s time for them to show us their talent. I shall let the photo tell the story now. Enjoy! 2013-04-27 11.25.19

This is how the elephant sleep

2013-04-27 11.25.44

Sitting down?

2013-04-27 11.29.30

Doing hand stand

2013-04-27 11.29.47

Standing on 2 legs

2013-04-27 11.31.06

Dancing Gangnam style!

2013-04-27 11.35.09

How about elephant massaging for you?

2013-04-27 11.43.51


2013-04-27 11.46.56

The finished product

Aren’t they smart? I think they are. Oh yes, time for lunch! It’s included in the tour package so don’t expect something fantastic. Tee hee. At least ate a bit to prepare for white water rafting later on 😀 Camera 360

The newly wed couple 🙂

Relaxing activity right after lunch. Bamboo rafting!!! Don’t have to do anything, just sit down, relax and enjoy the view. That’s all you have to do. Remember to put on sun block because it’s really hot. Camera 360

Bamboo rafting!

Next up, white water rafting, the activity that I was waiting for. Again, it’s my first time doing white water rafting. I enjoyed it but it’s really tiring. Whenever we got stuck, we got to shift to  change position. Peddling itself was tiring enough. There are a few commands that the guide will should. Right (people on the left shift to the right), left (people on the right shift to the left), front (everyone shift to the front), shaking (bounce). Do it and you will know.  Overall experience was good! REMEMBER TO BRING EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES. Camera 360

Our white water rafting guides

There were a few places to choose from for the last activities. Tiger kingdom, Monkey place, Long neck tribe or Orchid garden. We chose long neck tribe because we haven’t seen it before. These long neck ladies are from Burma.  They are permitted by the Thailand government to stay in Thailand but they are not allowed to step out of that small village. The only way for them to generate income is to sell their handcraft to tourists who visit the village. Can you imaging staying in the village for your whole life? I feel sad for them.

Camera 360

Showering area for everyone in the village

Camera 360

She’s 56 years old.

The ring that she wore on her neck weighs 6KG. Her shoulder bones have already been pushed down and that causes her neck to be so long. Ladies who belong to the long neck tribe started putting this ring at the age of 4 and at the age of 14 (if i am not wrong), they can choose to continue or take it out. I guess most of them would continue because they find it beautiful. It’s something that I will never understand.

2013-04-27 16.47.20

This is where they study

2013-04-27 17.01.21

And she’s 14 years old

2013-04-27 16.47.41

Big ear tribe. She’s 22 years old and that’s her son.

2013-04-27 17.06.39

The big ear po po

There were still time left after touring the village. We spent our remaining time at the Tiger Kingdom. We could go in to hug the tiger but we chose not to because it’s too expensive. It costs about 1490 BAHT if I am not wrong. It’s scary but it’s cool to hug the tiger. Do make sure that the tigers have eaten more than enough for their breakfast or lunch else you will become their food!

2013-04-27 17.15.34

Do you dare to hug me?

This was the end of the day tour package. Everyone was feeling tired after the tour. We reached our hotel at about 1800. Took a hot shower once we returned back and headed down to the weekend night market with the sweet Chinese couple. Without them, we wouldn’t know this place. Thank you 😀 I am not too sure if there is any name for the weekend night market but do check with the hotel counter staff. Don’t missed it. There’s lots of things to shop and lots of nice food! 2013-04-27 19.23.11

Don’t know what it is

2013-04-27 19.56.32

Sliced potato

Camera 360

Cheese flavour! (Not very nice as compared to the one I tried in Krabi)

Camera 360

Fish ball!

Camera 360

The milk ice cream

2013-04-27 20.13.18


It’s a food heaven. The only thing that we did was eat! Just can’t resist the temptation. Oh yes, remember to try their mango juice (the stall with most people). It’s very refreshing! Satisfied with the food 🙂 Time for some good rest! Goodnight!

2013-04-27 21.31.10

See you when I see you 🙂


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