Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights Trip (LAST DAY)

The last day of tour was at Ye Liu. We took half a day to tour Ye Liu. I love Ye Liu too. Beautiful sea, beautiful rock. We actually took a bus from our hotel to Ye Liu. Here’s the direction

Travel from Daan大安to Taipei Main Station台北車站

  • Daan station 大安 > Zhongxiao Fuxing station 忠孝復興站
  • Travelling time: Approx 6 minute

Travel from Zhongxiao Fuxing station 忠孝復興站to Yehliu by bus

  • Address: 台湾新北市万里区野柳里港东路167-1号
  • Operating hours: 0800 – 1700
  • Entrance Fee: NTD50
  • Take a bus operated by Kuo-Kuang 國光 toward Yehliu 野柳 from Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 2 near Omega (opposite Sogo)


You will see this when you reach Ye Liu


Here we are at Ye Liu


The Queen’s Head


The Sea

I shall leave the other places for you to explore. After a week of tour, I would say Taiwan is a nice country with lots of nice food, nice shoes and nice scenery. I will definite go back to Taiwan again 🙂 Do feel free to leave me any message if you have any enquiry. Goodbye 🙂


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