Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights Trip (Day 6)

After walking around for so many days, it’s time for some relaxation. We went to Xin Bei Tou for hot spring! It is a very nice place to relax. There are a lot of hot spring resort at Xin Bei Tou. You can choose to stay there for a day. However, there are nothing much to do over there other than hot spring.


Train Station to Xin Bei Tou


Train to Xin Bei Tou


Xin Bei Tou


SweetMe Hotspring Resort


Lobby of the SweetMe Hotspring Resort


Walking to our room


The Private Room


The Dress Up Area

I would recommend you to head to this resort for hotspring because their room is very clean. Everything that you need is there. Relaxing and peaceful.

After hot spring, we went to tour around to see the scenery in Xin Bei Tou. Whatever you see in Xin Bei Tou are related to hotspring. They have a hotspring museum, thermal valley, etc.

The hotspring museum shows how hotspring actually comes about. Do visit if you are interested to know more about it. I can’t really remember if we paid for the entrance fee.


Entrance to the Museum 


The locker for our shoes


A hall which I don’t know the purpose of it




In the hotspring museum

After visiting the hotspring museum, we walked down further to the Beitou Thermal Valley. It basically shows you how the heat of the hotspring is being generated. Small area so it will only take you a short while 🙂


Beitou Thermal Valley

Xin Bei Tou is all about sight seeing and hotspring. It is a very small area so I don’t think anyone would get lost. Along the way, you can stop to some pictures. I would say it’s a good place to relax after shopping for so many days 🙂

Enough of relaxing and it’s time to continue our walk. Our next destination was Dan Shui which is where the Couple bridge is located.


Dan Shui

Look at the amount of people at Dan Shui. I guess there were some events going on on that day. Dan Shui is actually a good place to chill out because it was very windy when we went there and it was least crowded if you head to the other part.

To get to the couple bridge (Qing Ren Qiao), you would have to take a boat over. If I did not remember wrongly, there is no need for you to purchase any ticket because there will be a person stand at the entrance to collect the fee from their customers.


Yu Ren Ma Tou

Note: If you are heading there during winter, do bring extra scarf because the wind is really strong that makes it really cold. I love this place because it’s windy and there’s nice scenery.


Sunset at Yu Ren Ma Tou




Yakult in Taiwan


Night Scene at Yu Ren Ma Tou

Remember to buy Tie Dan when you are in Dan Shui because that’s the only place that sells lots of tie dan!.

Ah ha, it’s time to go back to shopping! After Dan Shui, we headed down to Shilin Night Market. Do take note that the Shilin Night Market has been shifted to a new location. The nearest station is actually Jiantan Station.


Here’s a map to guide you

Here’s a list of food that you must try when you head to Shilin Night Market:

1. Big Headed Dragon Stall 大頭龍 -> Oyster Omelette 雞蛋蚵仔煎

2. Shilin’s Perfect Spare Ribs Stall 士林十全排骨-> Spare Ribs Soup

3. Big Uncle Stall 豪大大-> Fried Chicken Cutlet 雞排

4. Shilin’s Traditional Shop 士林老字號-> Small Roll in a Large Roll 大餅包小餅

5. Xin Fa Ting辛發亭冰品店


Strawberry with Condense Milk (This is really good!)




Toast Bread with something inside (Not bad)




Oyster Omelette (Not that fantastic)



Buo Luo Bao (Not Bad)


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