Thailand 10 Days 9 Nights Trip (Chiang Mai Day 1)

We did not take a direct flight to Chiang Mai. Instead, we flew to Bangkok first and took their Domestic flight (Bangkok Airway) to Chiang Mai. Remember, the first thing to do when arriving in Thailand is to purchase their DTAC prepaid unlimited data plan at only 299 BAHT (approx 12 SGD) for 7 days. Such a great deal.  The stall is located right outside the arrival gate. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it 🙂

We got what we wanted and headed to the Bangkok Airway lounge. I guess it’s quite a prestige airline. Singapore Airline don’t even have such service for their standard customers. Anyway, there are snacks and drinks in the lounge and customers are free to serve themselves. Besides that, they have sofa for you to sleep and free wifi. Sounds good, isn’t it?

903069_10151385723270811_1328237139_oBangkok Airway Lounge

478144_10151385723210811_290065412_oSnacks and Drinks

Time to board the plane! The flight to Chiang Mai was about an hour. Much Much Much faster than taking a train there (Our initial plan). When we arrived in Chiang Mai, we grabbed all the maps that we needed at the Tourist corner. We thought that there’s free shuttle service to Chiang Mai Suriwongse Hotel but apparently, it’s not free. There’s a charge of 120 BAHT per person if I did not remember wrongly. Don’t bother paying so much because you can simply take a cab there which cost only 120 BAHT for 2 people. It’s a 20 minutes travel from the Airport to Chiang Mai Suriwongse Hotel.

Chiang Mai Suriwongse Hotel is really good based on the price that we paid. We booked this hotel from Agoda at 50 SGD per night. Their rooms are well maintained. Clean, comfortable and nice breakfast. Furthermore, it is located right beside the Chiang Mai Night Market. You can shop till as late as you want and walk back to your hotel. Don’t have to worry about transport. 🙂







We went down to the hotel lobby to book our day tour for the 3th and 4th day! Excited! Here’s our tour package:

Day 3 – Chokchai Elephant Camp, Bamboo Rafting, White Water Rafting, Long Neck Tribe, Tiger Kingdom (Full day tour), Weekend night market (1,500 BAHT)

Day 4 – Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Half day tour), Head to Sukhothai (450 BAHT)

If you are not as lazy as us, I would recommended you to head to the night market to purchase the tour package. It will be much cheaper but the coverage might not be exactly the same. No harm checking it out 🙂 It would be recommended to take up day tour in Chiang Mai because it’s not easy to travel by yourself.

Camera 360Tour Package for 2

Tour packages settled. Everything planned 🙂 And now, it’s time to buy our bus ticket to Sukhothai. We took a Tuk Tuk to Changphuak Bus Station 2 which cost us 120 BAHT. Never take a tuk tuk unless it’s your first time and always ask the taxi to on the meter. If they refuse, then try other taxis. Just got to learn how to say NO. Anyway, the bus ticket to Sukhothai cost us 239 BAHT. It’s not expensive.

2013-04-25 16.30.12Changphuak Bus Station 2

Half a day gone and we were feeling hungry. We wanted to try some nice Thai Food around the area but there isn’t any so we headed to the cafe opposite the bus station called Coffee Doi. We ordered a Thai Ice Milk Tea and a Toastie for sharing. It’s not too bad just that the milk tea was a bit too sweet. Let the ice melt and it will taste good 😀

904685_10151386107940811_1800693325_oCoffee Doi

Camera 360Thai Ice Milk Tea and Toastie

Since we had so much time left after lunch, we decided to walk back to a temple near our hotel. It looks near on the map but it’s actually quite far. We had a good walk though.

2013-04-25 18.13.23
The river that we walked past

2013-04-25 18.12.24
It’s us!

2013-04-25 18.14.57Another view of the river

2013-04-25 18.16.22
The bridge that we crossed

Finally reached the famous temple that the hotel staff told us. I can’t remember what is the name of the temple. It’s getting dark when we reached. Took a few photos and proceeded on with our journey.

2013-04-25 18.59.13
The Temple

2013-04-25 19.02.58Name of the Temple

We took about 5 minutes to tour around the temple. Next up, the Chiang Mai Night Market. We went there for dinner and some snacks. There’s a big food court in the middle of the night market but it doesn’t taste good. We ordered Pad Thai (Oily + Salty) and Noodle Soup (Plain). I would recommend you to eat street stall in the night market. Oh yes, they have lots of seafood stall too. You can try that too. After dinner, we had banana chocolate roti from some road side stall. Yums!

Camera 360
Chiang Mai Night Market Food Court

Camera 360
Queuing up to buy food voucher

Camera 360
Beef Noodle and Pad Thai

Camera 360
Where we bought our Roti

Camera 360
Banana Chocolate Roti 

Headed back to hotel after buying our Roti. Too tired to walk further. End of Day 1 Chiang Mai. Preparing for the next day 🙂

Camera 360Ready to sleep 🙂 Goodnight!


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