Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights Trip (Day 4)

There’s a place that you cant missed when you go Taipei and it’s called XI MEN DING!!! There are a lot of trendy clothes over there but their clothes are mostly going at SGD$20 plus (like Singapore). I mean the point of going to Taiwan is to get our clothes at a lower price. No point buying so many when it costs about the same as Singapore. However, their shoes are mostly going at a low price during the sales season. Just nice when we went there, they were having sales. Shopping heaven!!! Haha


I am sure everyone knows Taiwan is famous for their Ah Zong Mian Xian. Their Mian Xian is really good! We had that for breakfast. There were no tables in their store so we had to hold the bowl which was pretty hot.



Here’s a cup of milk tea we had after our lunch. This milk tea store is located beside Ah Zhong Mian Xian. I wouldn’t recommend you to try because it’s wasn’t very nice.




Time to go for shopping after a fulfilling meal ­čÖé Stage was one of the store that we planned to visit and we took sometimes to locate it. Just in case you are planning to visit stage, the above are some of the photos that might aid you in finding the store.




While strolling around XI MEN DING, we happened to see a store selling this penis sausage. There were a number of people queuing up for it so we decided to try. It looks very interesting but it tasted normal.

Stay Real is another brand that is founded by a Taiwan Artist. Not sure who is the artist though but the design of the clothes are not bad.  Do hop by and take a look. Their clothes cost about SGD$60 plus.




We bought a couple Stay Real Blazer. It’s very nice but it’s very thick. I don’t think we can wear it very often in Singapore.

Next to the Modern Toilet Restaurant. It’s very interesting to see a restaurant of a toilet theme. I think it’s good to give it a try because it is really special and you won’t be able to find this in Singapore.


Outside of  the Restaurant


The Menu


Tables and Chairs


Curry Rice


Milk Tea


Ice Cream



Decoration Outside e Restaurant

The toilet theme is nice and the taste of their food kinda suits their theme. Haha. You know what I mean? But still, give it a try!

Our next destination, Taipei 101! How can I miss out the building they are well known for! Here’s how the building looks like when we were a distance away.

You are required to buy a ticket to go up the building. The ticket cost about SGD$16 if I did not remember wrongly. I was so looking forward to stepping into the open air space when I reached the 90th floor. However, I was so disappointed because the area was close for New Year event. It was such a waste. We still went up to have a look what is inside.


This leads you to the ticketing counter


The ticketing counter


These are the things that you will see in the indoor


The electronic tour guide

In the building, there are different views are different part of the building. The electronic tour guide will explain to you the history of the area and how this specific area comes about. Cool right?!?!


The night view from the building

Personally, I don’t think it is worth paying to go up when the open air area is closed because there’s nothing much to see in the building.

Time to go experience their night life! We went Luxy, one of their famous night club. The queue was damn freaking long. If you are planning to head there as well, you are advised to go a little bit early.


Near the entrance of the club


Entry to the club

I don’t remember that their drinks are cheap so please remember to bring extra money if you are planning to go. They do accept credit cards but you have to spend a certain amount.

We stayed till about 2AM and then headed back to our hotel by cab.


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