Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights Trip (Day 1)

It was about 1:30pm when we reached Taipei Taoyuan Airport. The first thing that we did when we reached the airport was to get a map and a travelling guide. We  have also purchased an Internet Prepaid Card from the airport to assist us in travelling around in Taipei. Trust me, it’s really useful. It doesn’t cost a lot to get one. Just in case you want to know how much it cost, here’s the information that you might wish to know:

  • 1 day: TWD$100
  • 3 days: TWD$250
  • 5 days: TWD$350
  • 7 days: TWD$450
  • 10 days: TWD$600
  • 30 days: TWD$1500

We headed to our hotel after we got everything we needed from the airport. We stayed in the Fu Hau Hotel which is located next to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing 忠孝復興站. Hence, it is very convenient to travel around. By the way, if you stay in Fu Hau Hotel, there will be a free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. Fau Hau Hotel is not a bad hotel to stay in. It is cozy and clean.



The first day was all about shopping. The first destination we headed to was SOGO @ Zhong Xiao Fu Xing 忠孝復興站. It cost us about TWD$16 to take a train from our hotel to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing 忠孝復興站 station. There is a Din Tai Fung restaurant inside the shopping mall where SOGO is located. We had our late lunch there. Their dishes are really good and relatively cheap as compared to Singapore. However, there’s always a queue (approx 30 mins waiting time). Here’s the dishes that we ordered.





After our late lunch, we shopped in the SOGO departmental store for about 2 hours. There are many things to shop in SOGO but they are not cheap at all. Normal departmental store price. It was about 7pm when we were done shopping in SOGO. The next station was Shida Night Market. We took a train from Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station 忠孝復興站to Taipower Station 台電大樓站 (12 mins) and took Exit 3. Here’s the map to Shida Night Market.


When we reached there, we couldn’t find where Shida Night Market until my friend directed us. But don’t worry, you just got to ask for direction and you will be able to get there. There are lots of things to shop and eat at Shida Night Market. If you are looking for shoes, that is a good place to shop. Totally love it 😀



There are a few things that you must eat when you are at Shida Night Market. All the stalls that I have been to were recommended by my friend and it’s really good. MUST MUST TRY!


Pig Intestine and Tou Fu

I don’t know what is this called


Peanut Soy Bean Curd





On our way back to the hotel, we passed by a stall that sells “bao” and a lot of people were queuing up for it. It must be nice when so many people are queuing up for it so we went to queue up as well. Haha. I  must say it’s worth queuing up for.





Awesome “Rou Bao”!!!

We headed back to hotel after we got out Big “Rou Bao” and brown sugar “bao”. It’s so nice!


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