Busan 08092012 [Hyundae Beach, Dormitory Orientation]

Hyundae Beach is one of the tourist attraction in Busan. We went there on a Saturday. Surprisingly, the beach wasn’t crowded with the umbrella that I saw online. The beach is really beautiful. The wave is strong. However, don’t expect the sea to be clean because it’s not. We rented a float at 5000 KRW and went into the sea. The wave was so strong that it kept pushing me back to the shore.


The Hyundae Beach


Performance @ Hyundae Beach


Under the umbrella

After Hyundae Beach, we went for Dormitory Orientation. It’s a compulsory thing because we will get demerit points if we don’t go. It’s such a waste of time because I don’t understand a single thing. That’s about it 🙂



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