Busan Day 6 [J Square Cafe]

I love Thursday because it’s the end of study week 😀 These 4 days have being quite relax because what I did was just sitting down and listening to the prof. The first week was all about the structure of the course so most of the classes ended quite early. My roomie and I have a very fixed routine everyday. In the morning, we woke up very early to take the (milk, cereal, bread) breakfast that is only available from 7 – 8am. From 8 – 9am, they will start to serve rice. In other to catch the cereal breakfast, we woke up very early. Never fail to return back to sleep after breakfast.

After lesson, my friend’s friend who is a Korean and Da Wen (Roomie’s buddy) brought us to a Cafe that serve Chicken. The chicken dishes that they served were good especially the spicy chicken. I didn’t get the name of the cafe but I got a photo of the chicken!


Sohyun, Me and Pandora


The Cafe


Spicy Chicken




With Vege


After Dinner

Head to a very nice and big cafe after dinner. It’s called the J Square Cafe which is located near Pusan National University. J Square Cafe allows customer to study in the cafe as long as they buy a cup of beverage. With a cup of beverage, customers are allowed to stay for 3 hours. If there isn’t any crowd, the study hour will be extended. The average price of their beverage is about 5000 – 6000 KRW. Quite worth it.


J Square Cafe


Caramel Macchiato


The Cafe

That ends my day! Goodbye!


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