Busan Day 2 [Gamcheon Culture Village, Jagalchi]

Settled down and it’s time to explore Busan. Let me first show you the small little garden outside my dormitory. Haven’t seen anyone walking there before.


I actually ordered breakfast and lunch but we didn’t manage to wake up for the breakfast. By the way, the breakfast only serve from 7-9 AM. When we woke up, it’s time to meet the SMU mates. While waiting for others, we got our breakfast at some roadside stall outside of Pusan National University Main Gate.


Road outside PNU main gate


The Stall


Our ham and cheese toast at 1500 KRW

The ham and cheese toast tastes good and it’s big enough to fill up your stomach. This toast kept me full till dinner. Worth trying! Stomach filled, it’s time to walk up some slopes. Our next destination was Gamcheon Culture Village. We took a train followed by a bus to Gamcheon Culture Village.


Train Ticket


Place where we took a bus

It took about 20-25 minutes for us to travel from Pusan National University to Gamcheon Culture Village. Gamcheoen Culture Village is an interesting place to visit. You will get to know the kind of house that residences stay in after the war. You can never imagine how small is their house. It’s not even the size of our room. That is how small it is. Everywhere we went, we had to climb up and down the slope. Damn tiring…


Bird Eye View


Small Alley


Another View

After Gamcheon Culture Village, we headed down to Jagalchi street. We took a cab down to Jagalchi because it’s cheaper for a large group of people.


Outlet Departmental Store (I think)


Sunflower Pancake Store


Sunflower Seeds Pancake

There’s quite a lot of stuff to shop at Jagalchi. Clothes, makeup, accessories and fish market. We did not go to the fish market because we didn’t have enough time. We met my roomie’s buddy for dinner. He brought us to some korean store for Tofu soup, rice and seafood.


Seafood Hotpot


Spicy Tofu Soup

It’s about 6000 KRW per person. It’s quite worth it because it comes with a number of side dish. Don’t exactly know where is the place but it’s some where near Jagalchi Street. Went to Yongdusan Park after dinner. It’s a place with lots of couples 🙂


Busan Tower


Dawen and his Girlfriend


Keep your heart lock together forever 🙂

This ends my day. Goodbye!


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